Wanted: Young Lady for Crusty Old General


War Hero
Well?  What say you?
Humps, I had no idea....

Drop me a line and we'll sort something out with my bevvy of beauts.  Cannot promise anything but the worst that could happen is that you get a penpal.
Grumblin Subbie is first in line (after the general and anybody else who is senior of course)

Not really sure about the penpal business the boss doesn’t like me holding sharp objects like pens and pencils ‘case I ‘urt myself.

Could give it a go behind his back (said the actress to the bishop) and I won’t take up much of their time I’ll write quick..

The date options sounds good. 10 or 15 seconds every other day during the week and 30 seconds per day at the weekends I like to take my time when dishing out “grumblin lovin”

Roll on you bevvy of beauties
Does that 10 or 15 seconds include the foreplay?  ???
...That's right Sweetums, one needs to try and tune in Radio 4 on 'em, gets the old girl going don't you know BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH  ;)
Ok standing by for remedial signals training  ;)

Broadsword calling Danny boy ,  :p errhuumm,  BROADSWORD CALLING DANNY BOY :-*


C'mon Grumblin you know what foreplay is.  It's the same thing RHQ does to you - mucks around with your wishes and desires leaving you panting with anticipation before f**%$^"g you!

::) ::) ::) ::)
           So no signal training then for me. Just back to getting shafted again.

                    I fully understand what you're saying.

"and they don't even ‘ave the gawd dam decency to give you a reach around”

all slap and no tickle. And no chance of an apology.

I quote MCM, “you’re not looking at the bigger picture, we’ve to do what’s best for the regiment”
F_S you're not the only one with some gorgeous singly mates that would love to be in touch with someone in the forces.  
The same offer from me as F_S. Drop me a line and i'll get things sorted with the bevvy of beauties as Grumblin so nicely puts it!!!! (sure they would love to help out with the 10-15 secs. practise makes perfect as they say and from that well, you all need help! lol)
Still REALLY looking and would definitely prefer a lady getting on a bit now so not as fussy as I used to be. Temporarily got caught up bitching about the career thing only a short bitch cos its only a small chance of a career. Plan to stay in forever thou so I’ll have loads of free time.

     Away on tour at the moment so I’m practicing hard, might have the time up to around 20 seconds by the time I get back so tell the bevvys to standby.

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