Wanted - WW2 Dispatch Rider Badges (Royal Artillery)

I have just received my granddad's World War 2 medals along wtih his Release Certificate and Pay book..

The 1939 - 1945 Star
1939-45 War Medal
General Service Medal 1918 - 1962 (Palestine)
The France and Germany Star

He served in 571 A/L Battery Royal Artillery initially as a gunner then became a Dispatch Rider. The medals are in an ok condition though i want to have them cleaned (General Service Medal has some black marks round the rim) and new ribbons put on (He took them off before he died and I have not been able to find them, either way they where probably not in best condition). I would like to frame the medals along with some authentic WW2 items such as WW2 id tags (I have found someone on ebay who will make them), name tapes, Jacket Buttons, trade badge (Dispatch Rider) and unit badge (Royal Artillery). I have searched for hours and have got suppliers for some items but am struggling with the others.

Does anyone know where i can purchase
WW2 style name tapes?
An RA unit badge or similar item suitable for a medal display (ideally something bigger than a cap badge)?
An RA dispatch Rider patch (like the one attached)?

Also if anyone knows of a good company for medal restoration and replacement ribbons they would recommend that would be a great help. I have found several on the Internet but would like to use a company that has a track record for good service.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, all help is gratefully appreciated.


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