Wanted WOs Sword Belt

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by methilman, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. Can you help, I am looking for a Warrant Officers sword belt, brown in colour, NOT a Sam Brown as worn by WO1's. I need to find one quite quicky, I have tried ebay and the usual military clothing web sites without success.

    Please PM if you can offer any advice or assistance in this matter.

  2. These fellows should be able to sort it for you:

  3. Thanks Sandy much appreciated
  4. Is is me or does the phrase "Walt's r Us" spring to mind?
  5. No it doesnt and if you want to gob off about it PM me and I will gladly give you a number to call
  6. Wind your neck in fella. No sense of humour obviously.
  7. Give me a call and I will wind your neck in, I have a sense of humour thanks, give me a call I've gave you the number.
  8. unable to PM from work, shame eh? Now bore off c0ck
  9. Easy to be an arsse on the net and blame your crappy work system for being able to PM eh? Feel free to PM me when you are allowed!
  10. say again, in english
  11. Check your PMs, you being Signals must know how to use a phone!

    Please don't post any more messages in here I am looking for genuine answers to the ad, thanks.
  12. Checked my PM's and there is nothing going on...a bit like your personality.