Wanted: Welcome Quips and Fron Page Images

We need input for two parts of the front page; firstly the joke welcome message that appears next to a username when logged - in the format:

"User, you've got a face like..." (i.e. it will always follow "Username, ").

These are picked randomly with each page view and there are only 3 at the moment.

Secondly the main front page image is drawn from this album in the gallery:


(thanks already to an unknown 1RRF photographer, and Fallschirmjaeger - I hope you don't mind me putting your photos there to start us off).

To submit a picture for this you will need to be reasonably handy with an image editor or know some who is, as the image should be exactly:

468 pixels wide x 260 pixels high
Maximum 30kB (i.e. a medium compressed jpeg)
It is very important that it is your own or with permission (owner can be credited in the gallery, but not on the front page).
Good quality.
Suitable for the front of the site - i.e. not too offensive.
Have a military connection.
Not be boring!


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Where do the images get sent to? There isn't an option to upload to the front page album (for good reasons I suspect!)


Book Reviewer
I'll be happy to photoshop any images people want to post up.

If you've got a piccy you want sizing, PM me. I'll edit them and PM them to Good CO.
Happy to think up some welcome quips. Do you want 'em posted on here or e-mailed?
wg100 said:
I've got some images already trimmed to size. What do I do with them now?
Sorry about that - I'll open the album up now. There was no good reason why it wasn't available it was just a plain old cock-up.
So you've finally sobered up then <Username>?

Shouldn't you be going for a run <username>?

Bloody Hell <username> you've put some weight on!

There is life beyond ARRSE you know <username>

Do try and post something interesting this time <username> :roll:

Your most recent post has been forwarded to the Security Services <username> They will contact you directly.

Congratulations <username>! You have been voted user of the week. See the thread in NAAFI bar on how to collect your prize.

Welcome <username> You have unread FanMAIL. Open your FanMAIL folder to see the latest compliments from site users.

Warning! Image file DirtyRimming69.jpg uploaded by <username> has been quarantined. User privileges have been suspended.

Any good?
Thanks ex-stab - most / variations on uploaded. I'll do the images now.
It just dropped 20 IQ points in the forums now you signed on

user, we all know you are a walt, so piss off!
acidedge said:
It just dropped 20 IQ points in the forums now you signed on

user, we all know you are a walt, so urine off!
Yup, the'll go on, thanks.

wg100, have a look at the pics on the front - they all seem to be too narrow. Can you check you did them 468 wide, if not it may be a problem here.
Hmm, my bad. I used the image resizer in Photoshop to shrink them and it didn't do as told. Can you delete them from the album and I'll resize and re-upload...
I like the pictures but having so-called "quips" underneath? :scratch:

The first one I read mentioned something about a gay porn website. I'm glad I was wearing my corset.

Images are ready to go up. Correctly sized this time.
Can you delete the exisiting wrong photos please GCO? I don't seem to have ownership of the photos I uploaded. Is this a deliberate feature?
"Bloody hell lads, we must be nearly finished, "X" is here".

"Ah, here's "X" - last in, first out".

""X", when I said, "Fall in on the road with your shit, I didn't mean that literally".

"How do you manage it, "X"? First out of the taxi, yet last in the pub?"

"I'll meet you half way, "X" - next contact you fire it and I'll clean it".

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