Wanted : Webbing for cadets.

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Harry Paget Flashman, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. My Cadet Detachment is in dire need of webbing. We've recruited well beyond our meagre supply and with Annual Camp looming, we find we can't kit all our cadets out properly.

    This is a plea for any webbing. It doesn't have to be the latest DPM PLCE, the older OG or even '58 pattern would all be gratefully accepted. It just has to be serviceable (ie. fastenings and belt attachments present and in working order).

    Our basic kit is; Yoke, Belt, L&R Ammo Pouches, Water Bottle Pouch and Utility/Kidney Pouch.

    We are also in need of water bottles and mess tins (again, don't have to be pretty - just do the job).

    Many thanks for reading and please get in touch if you can help.
  2. I must put on record my gratitude to whoever it was that sent a big parcel of kit to my detachment from Buller Barracks. Whoever you are, you neglected to put a note inside identifying yourself.

    Regardless of this, the vast majority of it will be of great use to my cadets, especially those who will be undertaking rather more advanced activities on Annual Camp.

    Once again, I thank you :)
  3. A huge vote of thanks goes to Outdoorsman who sent my unit a big box full of uniform and kit.

    It really is very much appreciated and will all be put to good use. :)
  4. If it's any use Poundland are selling large mess tins
  5. How much for Brett?
  6. :D that made me laugh
  7. Worth a try!! :)
  8. Me too!
  9. to you 99p :D
  10. I'll give you 90p if we are haggling - don't you love our new multi cultural Britain :D
  11. Flash, are you aware of the Cadet Load Bearing/Assault Vest, that will be issued shortly?

    Not rumour. Fact. I can send you some info if you are interested. BTW it is NOT the Viper SAAV featured in the Army Cadet Mag recently
  12. You should have an issue BEFORE annual camp!
  13. Yes, I would be most interested please.

    I have to declare an amount of scepticism though. I'm sure i would have caught wind of this if it were happening.
  14. Cadet Training Vest. Not rumour. Fact.

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