WANTED** Webbing belt

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. The type before the current CS95 belt. Sometimes used as a belt for field jackets (which i need it for!) in good condition please!!! Willing to pay or donate to H4H/RBL etc. Cheers :)

    PM me.
  2. 58 belt? CLICK ME

    There are loads out there, just Google it.
  3. Cheers mate, but its not the 58 pattern belt im after, its got the same buckles but its.........different?
  4. You mean that horrible bottle-green plasticy one?

    Or the PLCE one that I sometimes see people wear as a cammies/jacket belt - got the metal loops for the yoke but also got a clip rather than a plastic buckle at the front
  5. Not the one off a roll, but the other one you mention sounds spot on. Now answer with a "no, sorry mate!" :lol: :roll:
  6. this one?


    or one like this


    but in OG and with metal clip rather than plastic buckle?

    Think if it is the second one you will probly be out of luck seeing as the issue green belt seems to have replaced it. I've only seen it worn by guys who've been in quite a while.

    Those issue green belts are a bit shoddy though as the metal slides slip throughout the day and get loose.

    I acquired an old 58 belt to keep my trousers from being round my arrse by midday, it has hooks so it will not lengthen. Hope this helps.
  7. Neither. As you say, im probably out of luck. I have considered 58 pattern, but some personalities in my corps dont approve so i dont want to waste money. Thanks for your input though. :thumleft:
  8. Sounds exactly like the ones our officers wear at the SCOTS DG. Wouldn't know where to get one myself, and I'm not going to ask where I can get one either at the risk of sounding like some wannabe. Sorry!
  9. I think i know what you mean.
    Same buckle as 58 pattern, loops ae back and in the inside there are slots for hooking the belt so it doesnt loosen.

    If so i thnk i have one knocking about the house.
  10. I think I might have one aswell.
  11. i think i have found what you are looking for

  12. Thats the badger I was trying to describe with the phot of the deserts belt.
    Wonder if we were thinking the right one tho.
  13. Top job PRC!! Thanks all! :thumright:
  14. I've got a 37 pattern belt with brass fittings knocking about somewhere in the garage. The only trouble with them is that all the hooks and things get snagged in your JHW but otherwise bloody smart if the brasses are gleaming.
  15. Not a problem, always happy to be of some assistance