Wanted: Used DSLR

I'm after a second-hand digital SLR (not the rifle, before someone tries to WAH me!). I'm not after a top of the range one, because I'm quite stingy, and don't want to pay more than £150 (pref. including some kind of lens).

Whilst I agree this may make me sound like a pikey, I thought I'd see what ARRSE could turn up.

PM me, or drop me a line on this thread with any insults/genuine info.

Cheers :)


-editted to add:

Something in good working order would be preferable.
Early Cannon EOS 300D 's , loads on flea bay , try before you buy if poss , many go for arround your budget with a lens or two , still a good camera .
If you can find a Sony A200 at £299 it's probably the best "new" value out there, sadly all sold out in the Salisbury area but you still might find a dealer with stock.

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