Wanted Urgent External Bt Connection Box Not BT66B

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by snips450, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Jim, they are no longer used bt BT..Sorry Openreach. They banned their use a few years ago. Also the Openreach SIB are clamping down on the sale of this and other equipment as it appears its a breach of the telecom act for anyone not authorised to even possess this stuff :roll: A couple of lads in Motherwell were flogging the kit and were fined £2500!
  2. U can use the stuff on your own network after the NTE.
  3. is it for internal or external?

    you can use IP60 enclosures (weather proof boxes)...

    or use home security system weather proof junction boxes (i did - krone connections and waterproof)
  4. Agreed, however the unauhtorised sales what they are clamping down on, as it leads to "some" tampering or altering the wiring before the NTE which is illegal and breaks the Official Secrets Act too! Additionally Openreach are moving away from BT or Openreach Branded items beyond the NTE as this leads to confusion over who fitted them and who is now responsible for repairing them. IIRC they claim its costing them in excess of £220 MILLION a year to repair... 8O Hence the clamp down.

    In addition an engineer was electrocuted (not fatally) after a BT closure was used on mains electrical cables running along a wall, the cowboy sparks had even crimps to join the cable ends... :roll:
  5. snips450, Those boxes are fairly old, I left BT back in 2000 and they were a rarity and if found being replaced. They were a good place for creepie crawlies, not damp proof and a nuisance for short circuits. As Ricewind says IP60, more secure.

    Yes you are correct regarding use after NTE, but an external box internally does not help the decor!!! :)

  6. Dude,

    Give me some credit !!!

    I'm not that much of a cowboy.......................Yeeehar! :D

    I'll get some IP60's.
  7. Edited due to mongness with the PC. :oops: