(Wanted) Tips for training at ITC catterick

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Wanna be jock, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Just looking for some tips for my training at ITC, enything at all... ie: boots, pubs, clubs, wise words or genaral information. :ufo:
  2. As Quick as you can to the BEST of your ability. Keep you head down and your sense of humour up. No-one holds a grudge if you TRY. There is no such thing as a dumb question.Theres no I in team. Alls anyone can ask from you is 100% effort and you only beast yourself!

    Start wearing your boots now to toughen up your feet!
    Buy a decent iron.
    Get some Cannesten cream for bollock/armpit rash.
    Buy a Sylvette cloth.
    Get some compression shorts for underwear.
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  3. Pubs, Clubs? If you're going to Catterick for a piss up you'll be dissappointed. However you will get a brief in the first few weeks about were you're allowed to go on your weekends by the local plod.
  4. thanks for the tips. But i dont have my boots, are you saying i should buy my own and if i do, will i be able to wear them when i get down there?
  5. You will get issued boots when you get there these are the only boots youre allowed issue only im afraid infact everything you wear from boots to gloves can only be issued no gucci kit in catterick im afraid ( just done tac ex 2 still no gucci kit)
    Dont take anything to heart. If you get told to do something do it no questions asked. Ears open mouth shut! And have a good sense a humour. Everything is done for a reason even how stupid it seems unless your jack then you'll proberly just have a horrible time haha!! Got a few jack lads in our platoon always getting shit jobs its funny

    Oh yeah get as much physical training in as possible for an example we carried 80 pounds on tac ex 2 on our back not including body armour water bottles rifle and helmet... You will get eased into this so dont worry just more training you do the easy it is when you get there
  6. For pubs & clubs you have to travel, I'm unaware if the likes of 'Talltrees' is still popular with squaddies as Darlington gets pretty boring for a while,

    Richmond has limited pubs & restaurants, But ok for a few trips while your doing your ph2 training,

    Wise advice, limit your socialising if possible & knuckle down & focus on completing you're training, once it's done & you join your unit then you can make up for it...
  7. Get a tatoo of your chosen regiment, and show your plt staff when you arrive. They'll be really impressed.

    Ensure you tell everyone in the NAAFI that your regiment is THE Regiment, and they are all sh1t. You will be the number one fave recruit for as long as you are there, and respected accordingly.
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  8. Shit, just got a cracking pair of sealskin gloves. cost me 40 bucks. fcuking waste.

    No danger of being shite, just nervous. Trying to learn as much as i can, before i get there. Build a better picture of what to exspect.
    Pt side of things, iv being doing 2 every second day, and 2 minutes oh press ups/sit ups trying to beat my count.
    Worse bit about this is the wait, 30 days seems like such a long time. Especialy with nothing to do and being broke as paris hilton's hymen...
  9. Is there not a pub on catterick camp? Im leaving for mercians on 3rd april from lincoln. Also i got told we have to wear boiler suits for the first week is this right?
  10. I take it you mean within the 'Garrison' not camp, I know the dreaded Staxx is long gone, however 'Harry's 2 mins walk from Tesco's/Mcdonalds is central, it's been a while since i was based within the Garrison so not up to date with current establishments...
  11. yea sorry! do you know about the boiler suits?
  12. Boiler Suits???? is that a wahhh???

    Check the QM's section ;-)
  13. is anybody going catterick on the 15th may this year?? if so message me peace
  14. Hill sprint is also a very helpful exercise, as you will do loads of this in training. The earlier you get used to it, the better. Aside that, I have pasted below an earleir post of mine regarding this subject.

    "!To those coming to Catterick and all others starting basic training next year, I have the following advice for you. Aside what you hear/read about being physically fit and mentally robust to do basic training, the following are also very important and could save things for you even if you are not the fittest in your platoon.

    1. NEVER talk or answer back at your NCOs/Officers. Attitude is a serious issue in the Army
    2. NEVER take any thing done/said to you by the NCOs/Officers personal.
    3. ARMY training is difficult, so you get alot of banters just to ease off tension. At times you may be the object of such banters, dont take them too seriously.
    4. IF in doubt always ask or seek advice/opinion from reliable/independent sources.
    5. BELEIVE and have the confidence that you can do it "

    Goodluck !
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  15. Echo what Chieflord said, just come with the right attitude & you'll be fine. There will be plenty of wee fannies there thinking they're hard, make sure you're not one of them. Also if you're on Orkney get on the hills walking with a bit of weight on your back. You do a lot of loaded marches so although you get gradually built up distance / weight-wise it doesn't hurt to do some prior to coming to ITC.

    Take a decent iron as well.