Wanted- Tickets for Chatham This Weekend

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by The_Snail, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Right, has anyone got any sparesies? Two tickets and a day pass for a small ginger dog will suffice.

    Gremmers, if you find me some, you can have the gun given to you personally.

    Yours aye,

    Lady Dale of Snailsville xx
  2. Just hang around offering ale to a desperate squaddie and I'm sure he'll sneak you in.
  3. I was thinking more of blow jobs. The dog is well up for that. :D
  4. You might want to get me some tickets then if you want some ginger action. :)
  5. Nope, but I've got a shovel that I can pretend is an air geetar. Alternatively, I could use it to smash people around the head with.

    Come on, someone must have tickets, or be able to blag us in........
  6. PM me I might be able to help. :D
  7. Help i need one as well my application was lost even drove to chatham today to grovel for one and failed.
  8. Desperate bump.
  9. Oh well it looks like ive blown it,have a good day folks.
  10. if you are able to get a copy of the local kent messenger for chatham they were offering free tickets in the friday paper i believe this was last friday, you may still get a copy from the local kent messenger office. hope that helps

    and if you are in uniform its free entry to service personell
  11. I tried that one but all gone, I dont think i could fit into my uniform now,its been 21yrs but cheers anyway mate.
  12. well you can get into the site if you are that eager they start setting up at 0730 and starts at ten
  13. that could be an idea as i know some of the staff at the brewery cheers well thought out.
  14. just set up an op early bird catches the worm, infiltrate and blag british army at its best (beg borrow steal blag)
  15. Guzz, PM me your details, and I will try and get a boy to get in touch with Gren while he's out - he's got a spare ticket going now. His missus is poorly and I have been captured by the Nazis this weekend and have to work.

    No doubt I will get the usual amount of drunken phone calls from them all. :roll:

    Slugster xx