Wanted - SPINE

I have loads in stock, surgically removed from the RAF Regt ;)


War Hero
Come, come my dear chaps...

We all know that the RAF never had a spine to remove in the first place!


I have a spine that I can send you ..... my Charlie Oscar seems to have lost his and once I locate it I'll pop it in the post :)
There are plenty of spines at Phase2 training all recruits have to hand theirs in before going to their prospective Regiments. :eek: I think itÂ’s just before they go through the Mong shower. ;D
Isn't lack of spine the last test to pass to become a BSM? Or are there any tests, courses to take to become a BSM as any t~at seems to be in with a chance now?
is there a part no. for a spine cos i know a fair few SNCOs that need one, and i want to get a shed load on demand 8) 8) 8) 8)

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