WANTED: Something for Nothing

I dont need it but i would like £5000.

I have put together a wish list for an Alaska Odyssey Trek which includes equipment, digs & flights.... and it will cost 5K approx.

If anyone has 5K they would like to give me for absolutely nothing in return except my appreciation then that would be fantastic. Aparently you dont get if you dont ask.
Did you ever see that news report about the man who started with a humouress paper clip and managed to swap it online for something better with a paper clip collector or some other balls. Well, he kept it up and eventually managed to swap a van for being able to stay in a huge mansion house for the summer or some jive.

Seemed like a simple idea, I'm just too lazy. Why not try that?
Try sticking cards with your phone number in telephone boxes, even if you don't make too much money, you'll meet lots of interesting people.
Tartan_Terrier said:
Try sticking cards with your phone number in telephone boxes, even if you don't make too much money, you'll meet lots of interesting people.
How will that work?

Are you implying i should sell myself or post my number then just request 5k from any of the random callers?

If its the latter then i doubt people who need to use public telephones will have 5K to give (but you never know)..... If you were implying i should flog my services, that doesnt really comply with the specifics of my request i.e. wanting something for nothing. :?
Steven said:
You can enter your begging letter on line after all.. http://www.eye-advertise.co.uk/default.asp?section=place
Fab :D

How does this sound.....

Dear Selfless Readers

I need £5000 to go on a trip to Alaska.... Ideally i would like the money for nothing however i may extend my gratitiude in the form of a thankyou note. That way i get an awsome treking holiday and you get a constant reminder to yourself that you are a good person.

Yours hopefully not p.issing in the wind,
Cait. :D


Book Reviewer
Addict needs £5000 for rehab in Wilderness Retreat. All donations received. Donors will receive amusing photos of cold turkey.
I suppose I could muster 5k for an act very close to nothing.

How open are you to offers / suggestions...... you don't have to drop your draws for the one I have in mind
minister_doh_nut said:
...... you don't have to drop your draws for this one
Going to try the old 'Pile-Driver' technique, whereby you actually thrust through underpants/trousers/chastity belt? Very classy, a must for anyone attempting a quick thrust and run rape, who doesn't have time for belts and zips.
Alright Cait, I'll get the ball rolling. I'll cover your bus fare to Heathrow if you spend the day repainting my office skirting boards wearing nothing but a pair of cricket pads and an impish grin. :D

It may not be precisely what you had in mind, but its the best offer so far.
Aunty Stella said:
How's about charging entry for a stand up show called "All of the intellectual things that Cait knows about and all the words with more than 6 letters that she can spell without asking a man"

Voila (no small violins this time), something for nothing :)
Again that's not in line with my original request of wanting something for nothing.... I would have come to you direct for the cash but hailing from Yam Yam country i didnt want you flogging the caravan to cough up.

(PS a Viola is slightly larger than a violin, add that to the list of intellectual things i know over and above you.)
Cait said:
Undoubtedly but he would be only one benefiting :D
An idea!

I will pay you 1000 for bumsex, and gift you 5000

You get get a very swollen something for nothing and your five K

And in responce to you not benefitting............. PAH!
Gillylady said:
Cait could have a blank bankers draft for taking all of me in that lush botty of hers.

I'll write you a draft for £50 if you'll let myself & three pals throw snooker balls & typewriters at your wrinkled jowelly mush. :D

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