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Wanted: Small band of Determined People!

As I'm sure you're all aware the ARRSEpedia has been neglected for some time by GCO & myself. Its an excellent part of the site although in need of a bit of a revamp. I'm well aware that there are a few people who put an awful lot of effort in to it. We could just do with a few more to help out ....

In particular, a lot of the entries are in need of a general tidying up. Mainly they could do with headings, links & categories.

As you can see I've added quite a bit of detail to the edit page to make it easier for people to get to grips with the peculiarities of the wiki text.

As a challenge, GR do you reckon you could create a category or tag with which we can mark pages for wiki-fying? Why not see if you can create our first Template? That gives us a way of indicating which pages are in need of most work.....

Title modified to be more inclusive!
What about women?! :? :D

I did a fair amount of tidying up when the ARRSEPedia was first up and running but have neglected it since the Wiki Keepers got stuck in. Ghostie, if you can tell us what needs doing I'm happy to spend some time helping out.


There are plenty determined wimmin on the site as it is. There's some desperate ones as well.
Bored on a Sat night - Cleanup template now available for deployment ..... To use simply put the following in any ARRSEpedia page:

Examples can be seen here and here.
Nice one Bad Boss - that is a cool template :D

I am only dropping in for a quick visit this evening - have got some valuable QDT sans 'er-indoors and intend to maximise it!

I'll make a start tomorrow on more of the uncategories pages and orphans again. By the time I get to the end of the list, though, some git has started filling it from the beginning again!! Something about lthe light at the end of the tunnel being some bastard with a torch????

Anyway, at least I should have a trail of {{Cleanup}}s to follow now, instead of spam links :D


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