Wanted: Size 8 Issue Assault Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Taita, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I am having real difficulty in getting hold of a pair of these after being messed around by local Army Surplus type store. 'Oh they will be in next week'

    Even Silvermans have none and no plans on getting any more!

    I have phoned around pretty much every online retailer there is and every shop within 50 miles.

    Does anyone have a pair lying round, preferably new so I can break them in myself. Alternatively, can anyone recommend a decent pair of boots around that price point? I don't fancy turning up in some £200 boots to a POC and looking like an idiot.
  2. There's a boot sticky ;)

    But don't bother with those sh*te assault boots. If you want to spend about £100 give or take then go to altberg. Best boots around end of story if you ask me.
    If you live anywhere near Richmond then I would recommend popping into their shop/factory and getting a proper measuring done on your feet.
    They last for years if looked after and when the soles wear out you simply take them back to altberg where they can resole them and do a general refurb on them. There are people who bought altbergs in the early 90s who still have those boots so they must be on to something there!

    I got my altberg sneaker boots through the system and absolutely love them. I then decided to buy another pair for £100 in case I wreck them and have to wait 6 weeks or so for them to be modified to accommodate my feet.

    To summarize
    ALTBERG FTW!!!!!11
    Next time use the damned sticky!


    I do have some size 8's kicking around I think. Which width? S,M or L?
  3. For your daughter I assume?
  4. No for me.

    I am not serving at present, however one of the visits I am going on require me to have some boots with a heel block. As if I eventually get in, I will have to use the issue ones, I didn't want to turn up in some ally boots and look a bit waltish!

    Thought the sticky was to discuss the best type of boot anyways ;)
  5. Assault boots are the best thing to train with if you are joining up as that is what you will be issued. You will most likely not be allowed to use any other type until you have passed out / have a medical chit.

    If you are going to make an investment in a boot, get some worth getting as people have pointed out above Altberg boots are good as are Lowa's. Obviously see the sticky for more info on these.

    Once you have established your size (correctly) most boots can be obtained quickly from


    Good luck
  6. Cadet Direct to buy from? Bit on the expensive side! no... wait... very!

    I wouldn't worry about turning up in good boots, just tell anybody who asks that you're into hill walking. Wouldn't look waltish, it's not just soldiers who wear good boots!

    You can then use them once you finish training too.
  7. Big D, i didnt say they were cheap i said they were quick.

    The question is should you buy assault boots..? Sometimes its worth getting a pair to break in and get polished up to use for best kit. As your going to be using these for visits they will most likely get a bit scuffed and mucky.

    For that reason i would be tempted to buy a boot that you plan on using in the field once you have passed out. (Altberg / Lowa )
  8. www.strikeforcesupplies.co.uk have cheap assault boots.

    I would not go with assault boots of my own choice, just got some Lowa Mountains after having only assault boots and the difference is unbelievable! Assault boots seem to tear my heels to shreds but the Lowas are magnifique.

    However, it'll almost certainly be 'issue kit only' for you in Ph1, and having another pair already broke in and ready to go (or alternatively, highly polished ready for inspections/rounds) could save you some blisters and some time polishing...
  9. Hi,

    I've managed to source some from a shop daaaarn saarth. Should be en route :)

    I think I will keep these boots for field work, and when (if!) I get accepted via AOSB I will use the pair issued for polishing / best until passing out then look again at some daily wearing ones.

    Thank you :)
  10. Taita,

    Welcome, I hope our ramblings were of some use to you. :)

  11. You only have size 8 feet? Are you a girl?
  12. Only size 8? I thinking you are making jokings, yes? I only take a size 6.

  13. I tried what the bloke said where 9 on in the shop (didn't actually check which dawned on me yesterday) and they were too big.

    I was sent some size 8 small, so have sent back and am awaiting size 8 medium as they are OK lengthwise I think.

    So, kettle of boiling water, in the boot, leave for few minutes, empty, put feet in, wear for a bit. Repeat.

    Best way of moulding? Do they shrink (a la beret band) or stretch at all?
  14. I'd also keep a first-aid kit handy to treat the scalds on your feet.
  15. I wouldn't use boiling water.

    I just thow 'em in a bucket of water to soak for a few days then wear them for a day (ignoring the squelchy farty noises) walking around and then leave to dry.

    After that loads of polish.