WANTED: Self inflating mattress

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Sipho, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. If you have a new, used or even buckshee self inflating mattress sitting in your cupboard doing nowt. Please send a pm with more specifics with price etc, as my lass is after one. Can pay by Paypal or cheque
    Many thanks
  2. Tightarrse!!!!!

    £12.95 +P+P.
  3. Are these mats really any good, are they that much better than the free issue job? I'm definitely towards the tall/beefy (not a euphemism for fat) end of the spectrum so are they long enough/able to take my weight? Apologies if in the wrong place, probs is..
  4. No idea - I just did a quick search on Amazon and found 102 results. I'm too old and boney for sleeping on the floor nowadays.

    This is the only one I would consider kipping on: Intex Queen Size Deluxe Pillow Rest Air Bed with Built-in Electric Pump: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Leisure
  5. Tightarrse i might be, but my lass deserves quality ;)
    PLenty on fleabay but cant bid during work hours.
  6. If you see one you like on Amazon and haven't got an account, let me know, smash me your address via PM and I'll get it sent through to you.

    I'd want the dosh for it though, and if you tell anyone I was nice, I'll batter you.
  7. Thanks Snail, but i dont do money grams via Western Union :p oh and im a tightaarse wont want to spend more than i need to you know. Thanks all the same.
  8. Which ******* Lake District are you in? I'm only at Scotch Corner!
  9. South Lakes so about 50 mile or so, i'll keep it in mind but i'll see what comes on offer in my pm's if anything that is. The kit on Amazon looks either tacky or way out of my price league, i cant win can I???
  10. Get your chick to pick it, unless you are going to be "lovey dovey" and surprise her like the lad did the other Christmas and bought me a Sleeka Softie Jacket.

    Ahhh, who said romance was dead?

    The offer is there anyway, and my bro is up at St Bees, so you can get to either of us easily enough.
  11. why don't you get one from Millets or Blacks? I got one for £17 in the sales
  12. Blacks are sometimes expensive Popstar. I've got some (obviously) 3/4 walking pants from there, and they were a secret undisclosed price. The first pair I got were £40 in a sale in Harrogate, but SOMEONE ironed them and trashed them, so had to buy me another pair.

    The cheapest one I would even consider sitting on from the Blacks website is £47 and I could get that nice Queen Size from Amazon for a few quid more.

    P.S. I got my own back for the softee jacket by nicking his North Face 700 jacket. That will learn him.
  13. Or if £17 is a bit much;

    Tesco self inflating mattress
    Catalogue number: 207-5004
    30 Clubcard points
    This green self-inflating mattress is a great last minute sleeping solution. It has a polyester shell and laminated open-cell foam construction which offers increased insulation and comfort, whilst still being lightweight. It has a 2 way air valve with the option to further inflate manually for added firmness and compression straps are included
  14. I can't compare them to issue mats as we didn't get luxuries like that when I was in....

    However, I do have one like that which the Snail linked to and can confirm it does the job a lot better than I expected it to. Comfortable, kept me off the cold ground and lightweight. Around 6ft long and very sturdy ;-)
  15. Eeeee, remember the days when we joined up. Puttees and 6 weeks basic training!

    Tell me more about the 6ft and sturdy.........................