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Wanted - Scottish Band uniform bits.

I thought I would try on here first.

I have taken over as Drum Major in a local RBLS Pipe Band and I am trying to put together a set of No. 1s to suit as I will be competing in various events.

If anyone has anything sitting in the loft etc that they are willing to part with for a suitable amount of beer tokens, please let me know. These are the items I am after:

Feather bonnet, size 59/60
Doublet and shoulder "wings", black, about a 40"
Pipers cross belt
Red sash (as worn by Sgt etc)
Dirk and frog
And a massive long shot...Drum Major Mace (mine is a practice one so dented!)

Of course I shall be buying many pretty medals on e-bay and of course a SAS beret and badge else I will feel left out ;)

PM me with anything you may wish to sell, the above is not an exhaustive list..many thanks.

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