Wanted: SAS Smock

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by F.i.S.H, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know of any good suppliers?

    I'm looking for the version with rank slide holder and without elasticated cuffs.

    Any help appreciated :)
  2. Elasticated cuffs are for winners.
  3. Windproof mk 2 is good too.
  4. Arktis....shop around as prices vary wildly.
  5. Post text removed.

  6. 49 issue them on weekend 1 of selection
  7. I take it that you still wear all issue kit whilst others sit comfortably sniggering. 8)
  8. why pay for it when it gets given for free also if you were to require replacement kit on tour do you really think that your gonna get gucci kit back !!! Dont think so get used to issue kit its ok and free
  9. There is an issue smock now too. The windproof. We've got them.
  10. FISH, what size do you need? i got a spare that i could exchange for monitary tariff
  11. RE: The John Bull one

    Nah there not that photos dodgy, ive got the exact same one.

    Regarding the issued ones. Tis true, the new smocks people have seen without ripstop are dubbed (The other arms smocks) and are supposedly windproof, just no hood. (For assistance in indicating them, their the dodgy ones with the pre sewn union flag which is ALWAYS in the wrong fecking place).

    Then theres 'The Infantry Smock', which is a SAS windproof (though questionably not quite as windproof) so hood etc, not knitted cuffs (nice when cold but their sh1t when wet so im glad their not on...) BUT it has brecon pockets and the canadian style buttons just like the 'other arms smock'

    The infantry smocks are hard to get hold of as most are supposedly in quarinteen (sp?) at Heathrow because they came from China and theres a Bird Flu risk. (Yep i dont believe it either, just dont think the MOD bought enough of them...).

    Hope that helped

    W 6-0