WANTED! Sandhurst Blazer Size 38"

I need to get my hands on a good quality RMAS blazer size 38" and I dont really care who has to die or lose their career in the process. Im willing to pay a sizeable ammount for a good quality one.

If anyone can please help, you will be very richly rewarded..! In the words of David Brent....FACT!
Size 38?????

are you:-

A, a pigmy
B, a child
C, John inman

Don't you dare accuse me of being LE you spotty workshy rodney :D
Sorry, that actually is quite insulting isnt it! (Good bite, well done) Didnt realise how the site works (being a crow) therefore thought LE meant LE. Thank god for that, I thought I was surrounded by grumpy old farts whose only idea of entertainment is to play golf on a regular basis.

Whilst I am none of the above, and my name isnt Rodney, I am fairly small.... but I suppose it all would have been so much easier if I had just 'lost' my fighting jacket in week 42!! :(
welcome to Arrse.

So long as you don't have the syndrome to match being a small chap you'll be OK :D
You wanna give those fags up as well slim......with the money you would save, you could buy a chest expander.
Very simple solution to said problem:

Assuming you have got confirmation of a commission in your chosen infantry Regiment (if Black Watch, Green Howards, D & D or Kids On Raleigh Bikes Regiment then unlucky) you'll now have at least one CSjt/CSgt who is now interested in your smooth progression to commissioning. He will have at least one unrepaid favour within the QM's/Clothing department and hey presto, before you can say pints in the Somme Bar at Coy Dinner Night, you are the proud owner (at least until you hand it in) of a 38" chest Battle Blazer.

Best of Luck. [/b]
Thanks for the advice Elite. Problem is, I commissioned 7 years ago, Im now a civi following an SSC in the Infantry and I know no-one at RMAS, either on the staff or in the Colleges. I blame myself for not thieving one before I left.

There really isn't anything to match the cloth of an RMAS Fighting Jacket, but the QMs there have apparently clamped down in recent years.. I heard that 2-3 years ago OCdts would find themselves on a College Commanders warning if they reported there Fighting Jacket lost.

Can any more recent Officer Cadets confirm the present policy??

I trust all is well up in Catterick? Is that disgraceful outside contractor still running the mess up there?
I know a CSgt about to start at Sandbags. Will make contact and find out what the score is as regards Battle Blazers.

Chinese Fighting Jackets went years ago! Only ones I have seen have been stiched into windproof smocks to beat the bitter elements on the ranges during German Winters.

As regards ITC Mess; still run by Sodexho . javascript:emoticon(':(')

Anonymous quote by member of new mess committee:

'This place is without exception the worst mess I have entered in my 25 years of service, it is little more than a glorified Little Chef.'

We are gripping the situation and implementing some atmosphere, style and quality of life.

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