Wanted S10

I am intrested in either purchasing an S10 ressie, or have the loan of one for a few months.

When i left the mob i had to hand my one back hence why i am after one now.

Basically i require this mask as i am gonna throw myself off a very tall building, doing a thing known as a sky jump, See link Below for more info

Sky Jump

And i want to do something orginal to do it in,

Note to GCO/BCO will quite happily do it in Ressie and an Arrse T-Shirt if required,if so contact me about the details.


Kit Reviewer
So you want some daft sod to lend you their ressie for the jump then hand it back again ? Make sure you ask someone that has never tried to get the smell of vomit from an S6.

Good luck ! :lol:
Cheers fredster but i have one now. still no T-shirt from the CO's though,

so the jump will be happing soon, pictures will appear in the gallery

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