Wanted: Royal Irish Rangers erm... anything

How do folks.
Right then, the fatherly outlaw's birthday is coming up soon, so me and the mrs have decided to get him some things to remind him of his army days. Mainly because we dont know what else to get him :D.
Have looked on ebay, but I have had a couple of bad experiences with that so am keen to avoid it, plus most of the stuff on there is bonk.
Am particularly keen to find:
Wall plaque

Or anything really.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


War Hero
Hackles are hard to get! Depending on where you live for eg NI or England? If your from NI you could get it in the Royal Irish Regiment base which i doubt is open alot due to normalisation. Or try ebay! Also the regimental museam's have cd's of the regiment's band if your relitive is interested in that.


I can get some rangers kit via a contact here in NI.If you PM me your details then I'll see what i can do.
The ACF in NI still have quite a lot of Rangers stuff, especially hackles and caubeens, I'm sure some small cadet could find one for you.

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