Wanted: Roof over a future squaddies head

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by curryhead, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Hello all! Due to some unforseen circumstances my sponsor is unable to accomodate me so I can continue my Army application.

    I'm looking for the cheapest accomodation for one person(that's me! :D ) in or around the Colchester area for six months.
    I am looking at moving in the last week of April or the first week of March. If you know of anyone with a room available please PM me.

  2. Cheapest accom in Colchester is the MCTC (Military Corrective Training Centre) Only drawback is you have to be serving before you can get 6 months there and sticking one on someone also helps.
  3. "sticking one on someone also helps"

    Are you volunteering? :)

    I didn't choose the town. My letter states that I have to report to the ACIO COLCHESTER

    at Flagstaff House.
  4. try asking SSAFA or the RBL.
  5. You've lost me. Why do you need to live in Colchester for 6 months to "continue [my] Army application"? Why can't you do that from where are you now, if needs be going to Colchester ACIO for the day and then returning?

    Or am I really out of touch and do you now have to attend the ACIO daily for a six month period?? :eek: :?
  6. I'm guessing by the word "Sponsor" that he is a F&C soldier, so probably a bit of a hike from Fiji or wherever to attend interviews etc.. :roll:
  7. Seems a bit of a sh1tty way to recruit people then. Are they supposed to sort themselves out and just sit round near some ACIO while the Army displays its usual efficiency with the paperwork?

    I extend my sympathy. What a load of b0ll0cks.
  8. That you have to report to colchester does not mean that you have to stay at Colchester does it? Why narrow your options like that?

    They still have trains in England you know...contrary to what you might have heard on the net. :)
  9. I'm from the Caribbean clownbasher. The application process can take from two to six months. I may have multiple interviews spread over a couple months. It's also horrifically very expensive to travel back and forth to the UK with the current exchange rate. :(

    So I'm gonna quit my professional job and travel up on a work/holiday visa. Part-Time job to keep me busy,fed,pay rent and exercise before basic.
    As to why Colchester, my sponsor lives there. So they sent my application to Colchester for me to continue the process.

  10. You have more GO than the majority of the muppets recruited nowadays

    May the force be with you

    Good luck

  11. Thanks CB. I don't think the actual process may take too long. The overseas cell processed my initial enquiry in less than 2.5 weeks. :D
    I could be wrong but the six month period may take into account that I have to wait for the next intake at basic.
  12. Well...just some advice from a fellow foreigner in the UK.

    - Minimum wage is £5.05/hr. It is illegal for an employer to pay you less than this if you are an adult. However, some employers do offer less (esp in Chinese Restaurants!) and it is up to you. At minimum wage, you can get by on working just 3 days/week. My housemate gets by just working weekends (£40/day) and the occasional weekday. http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/JCP/ is good for part time work, assuming you do not intend to carry on your professional work in the UK.

    - Expect to pay about £40 - £50/week on rent for a non-ensuite single bedroom.

    - Electricity and Gas is usually about another £20/month in total. Water is dirt cheap. Prolly about £10/qtr. TV bleeding licence is about £120/yr!!!

    - McDs 'large' value meals cost about £3.50

    All this is assuming that you are on a shoe string budget! Apologies if you've got some nice, professional work waiting for you!
  13. Shame Southampton is so far away from Colchester, I was going to offer to clutch you to my busom and smother you with maternal affection...and my jerk chicken is to die for!
  14. Eye_Of_Newt that is a tempting offer! :) A woman with cooking skills is hard to find.

    Scabster_Mooch, thanks for the information! Those prices aren't too bad at all.

    "McDs 'large' value meals cost about £3.50"
    Forget McDs. One extra large pack of curry. One pack of flour. One seven pot pepper.
    Food for a week. :)