Wanted: Road Bike.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Cait, May 12, 2010.

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  1. I want a decent road bike, I'll pay the money for one I like but not into the thousands. Although its on road, im covering mountain miles and want one with a 3rd Granny Ring (poke it you cycling purists im not to proud :D !). I'm looking for comfort and durability and something that doesnt take a lot to set up!

    So to any of you leg shaving cycling geeks, can you give me any recomendations??? - I'll buy second hand too!

  2. Have a look in Decathlon if you have one locally, there bikes are great and you get a lot for your money

  3. Agree with the Hybrid suggestion. In terms of brand, Giant or Specialized hold up well to a bit of a pounding! Go with a decent sized wheel to cover more ground in quick time. If u get stuck, drop me a line.
    Certified Cycle Geek (with hairy legs!)
  4. Specialized is terrible value for money. Definitely don't get one of those at full price. eBay is the best place to get a good deal. A Focus Cayo or any Chris Boardman are normally good value for money if you're willing to spend a bit. If you use eBay, make sure the bike is the right size for you.
  5. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    I had one of these but kept falling off at traffic lights


    I part exed it along with some mecanno and a web belt full of waterbottle pouches and got this


    I'l give you £300 for the saddle when you've finished with it.
  6. This is the one i'm looking at, entry level bike but with a good spec, will change the toe clips on it. Giant Avail 3

  7. Lidl had a serious bike offer some time ago, the price of the gucci shimano components when totted up apparently came to twice the price of the bike......don't know if they'll ever do it again though
  8. Everytime I've seen Lidl offerers they've never been in the shop???!

    I've bought the bike, two weeks till delivery am chuffed too bits. Got shimano pedels for it too. Have bought it online so hope there's no dramas, Giant seems to get the thumbs up for what i need.

    Just need to coordinate a matching handbag!
  9. I got a hybrid last saturday and did 30 mile in 2 days and a morning (just commuting to work and back and to the gf).

    Quite a comfy ride, although my arse was a bit sore. I think I need a better seat.

    The hybrid was a Trek and I got it from evans cycles as they were having a spring clearance thing on.
  10. Giant has a very good reputation. The Specialized Secteur range is also worth a look. It has a "relaxed" geometry and a *sneer* triple chainset. I generally find that Trek seem to have slightly better spec'd bikes in the same price range as other manufacturers...though, I would say that as I own one.

    Edit: Should you not get on with the one you've just purchased that is...
  11. Do you use it for training or for getting from A to B.

    I must admit something that expensive I wouldn't leave lying around and would only keep it for training and then locking securely up in doors/garage.
  12. I mainly use it for a weekend blast, but i do occasionally do a twice weekly 30 mile commute on it, although it is only ever stored in my garage or the portacabin from which i work from. I would never consider leaving it locked up outside...the pedals alone are nearly worth 100 quid!
  13. By the way Ian your arse will be sore, you'll need proper cycling shorts with chamois padding and it'll take a while for you to 'deaden' the nerve endings on the skin under your pelvic bones.

    First time i went out on my bike i did 50 miles with the proper shorts and my arse hurt so much i had to stay out of the saddle for the last 15 or so miles!
  14. Many thanks for the input. Someone did suggest some cycling shorts with built in padding. I'll have a look on fleabay.

    I remember my arse being sore for a while when I first started on my old crappy bike, so thought it would just be a 'get used to it' affair.