Wanted - rifles officers cross belt and no 1 jacket

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by MSD59, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone have a Rifles Officers No 1 Jacket and/or Officers Cross belt that they are willing to sell?

    I am a Captain in the ACF, capbadged Rifles, and run the County's Silver Bugles Band, this appointment requires me to wear the above items on ceremonial occasions.

    If anyone can assist, please send me a private message with an indication of what you require for the item(s), of course the cheaper the better as I am not eligible for any allowances to purchase these things.
  2. If your appointment requires it, shouldn't your Quartermaster provide it. Or have they flogged them all on ebay?
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  3. You could always use your acting Captain's pay to purchase said items. You do claim pay, don't you?
  4. Unfortunately as I am in the ACF and even though you would think the appointment would qualify, it does not. As we are a cadet band everything we need, that includes uniforms and instruments, has to be funded by us doing our own fundraising. I do not personally think it right for the cadets to pay for my uniform and I cannot afford to buy brand new, hence my rather optimisic request for help!!!
  5. I am willing to pay, hence the request!!!
  6. Speak to Bavo_Bravo, he might be able to help.
  7. Cool, maybe if you give your audienc a tiny hint as to your size you might just drum up some interest. Most probably think that being ACF you are the size of a tuber player in the LSO.
  8. The man needs a jacket, not excuses to dodge deployment :-D
  9. Sensible PM sent

  10. Thats rich coming from a gopping useless dribbling mong like you .
    Whilst I can't comment on Bravo Bravo not deploying ,isnt he a WO2 in the TA ?
    What rank did you achieve apart from Class 1 No Mark during your illustrious short lived TA career ?

    Stop hiding the fact that you are a CFAV behind anti CFAV slurs you're not fooling anyone w@nker .
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  11. I've heard of piped mash but that is ridiculous.
  12. jog on you filthy no mark fantasy hobbyist

    you disgust me and make me want to soil myself
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  13. How have you already worked out I am also dinosaur_poo, shardenfreudfest and stretchrgj?

    Perhaps it's because unlike me, your brain isn't full of cartoons and broken biscuits. :)

    must dash, I'm off to be brave on the internet and slag off Cadets and soldiers that have done more than I can ever dream of!
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