Discussion in 'REME' started by mikejones8282, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. Anyone know of anyone selling a mess dress? Approx size to fit 6ft2 Medium build, 44/46 chest, 36 waist, 33 inside leg and size 11 Shoes. Please let me know,
  2. Hi mike, pm me with your phone no, I have just left army and am selling mine. I think it is just the size you are looking for.........
  3. Im still looking for a reme mess dress; if anyone knows of anyone getting rid of theirs, then please let me know.
  4. Give the Corps kit agency a call, they had shed loads last time I was in the tech geek HQ.
  5. PM me I think I have what you are after. Its in 100% condition.
  6. If you are still looking PM me
  7. After selling mine some 8 months ago, I now need some as well, A mech size (6ft tall but a tadge rotund) ;-) Any real men wanting to offload, let me know. Raving B mechs like "The Iron" need not apply, I can piss my own pants. 24A off these means, now observing rants from the ferrous one :-0
  8. I have a full set with size 11 George boots. I'm 6ft 4 though
  9. Pants could turn up a tadge, PM me more details and aspirations on geld ;-)
  10. If anyone still has any for sale I would appreciate if they could pm me. I've been outbid on eBay by some dusch, my fault for watching dancing on ice I suppose and missing the end of the listing! I'm 6'2 with a 34 waist, but could get some tailored if they were bigger. Many thanks
  11. Guys my hubby is selling his mess dress in as new condition only worn twice he is 6 foot size 10 feet and 34waist. Would like £350 but open to sensible offers.