Wanted - recognition for achievement



Why is it that you can put the time and effort into the TA, but you won't get promoted in return?

Wanted - recognition/promotion for TA soldier who is a good attender, over qualified in current rank, and keen to get involved in most things.

reason why not currently promoted? some crap about LSN's.
I suppose if you put as much effort in to the TA as you do with this website, maybe someone may consider you worthy of a higher standing than LCpl.  Besides, I don't think 'barmaid' has a LSN.........check the 'blue book', I may be wrong.  
light the fuse & stand well back!


dum de dum de dum de dum....

sorry, what was that Ma? I wasn't listening.

Too busy trying to serve all my customers.


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If there is no spare LSN, then that's it.  You could always murder someone and assure your promotion...


yeah and I know just who to murder. Trouble is he's not in my unit - he just posts drivel on this board!! :mad:


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Think about a move - either temporary - a District Training Team - or permanent.  Don't be afraid to re-trade or re-badge if you have to!  Many have done it, and lived to tell the tale, either through moving work/home, or just pi**ed off.

For example, we are always lookling for keen people - most importantly, who are willing to learn, and to put the time in.  All Corps need Regimental Duties peeps to teach basic soldiering, and there are plenty of chances to re-trade.  If you are a Grunt, then why noy jump ship!   We did (around 30 of us) after SDR binned us, and most of us are now integrated into a completely different Corps, thoroughly enjoying it, and doing pretty well.

The TA is still a pretty big place!
May I suggest that you take a good look at yourself before 'expecting' promotion?

1.    You are a female in a TA Inf unit.......you might be a little more than adequate at shooting Fig 11's & 12's (your boast), but that's it.   Females don't fight in this Army (inc TA), so no opportunity for you to show most of the necessary skills required for the job.

2.   Beyond the occasional publicity stunt........females do not hold command appointments in the Inf.  I include full blown Sect Cpls in that statement - the female variety doesn't exist in this Army.  I don't care how well you shoot or how many sit ups you can do more than the men in your unit..........it's irrelevent.  Why did you join the Inf in the first place?

3.   Why should you be promoted over men who, when required, will have to fight.  You sound like you'd get on a right power trip given half the chance petal.

4.   Turning up each drill night doesn't qualify you for promotion (it's quality pet....not quantity).  We have tossers who turn up daily.........they're still not getting promoted!

5.   You are over qualified in your current rank?  Wake up and smell the coffee will you! What courses have you done that qualify you for promotion above the men in your Inf unit?   Jnr/Snr Brecon?  (Do they indeed still exist?)

6.    You go to great pains to point out in this forum, the failings of others, not only from your unit but from others as well.   You seem to be an armchair expert on numerous matters.  We've been here before haven't we?  Wake up will you.....you are a female in the TA, who spends most of her working day planting tosh on this web site.  You've hit just about every board.......you are not in the Army love...........you're a civvy! (No offence PTP et al.....just laying perspective)

7.   You're a whinger.  The management don't like whingers.......the job's hard enough as it is (TA included).

8.    So just what does qualify you for promotion above your colleagues?  I'd be interested to know.   By the way, it was you who said you served behind the bar......I only took you up on that.

9.    You take yourself way to seriously.  If it's promotion you're after............try the AGC (SPS).....you'll fit right in there!

PS.  What ever happened to your mate, that other dreamer 'Combat Saddo' or whatever he called himself.

I will await your next little nugget my dear, no doubt a torrent of abuse from you or your chums.

Get real!
Take it your posting to the Royal Corps of Diplomats was tuned down ;D

Some valid pionts raised though.

I left in 1996 a couple of years after the first direct entry female Air Troopers joined the AAC, most of them performed equally as well as the rest of the lads and were more than capable of running a Command Post, Bowser UBRE etc.

On the other hand i did find concern on the Air/door gunner coursed that some of the girls had difficulty in cocking the GPMG whilst in the mount in a lynx door. Protocol and a couple of photos insisted that at least a couple of females passed when equally useless lads had failed.

On posting to Bosnia etc is it fair to put a lynx crew at risk because the CO wanted his unit in soldier mag. If they could manage the weapon profficienlty and be able to complete any IA or incident without thought or effort i would encourage ANYONE male of fem to try ther Door gunners course. But lets not stick a girly in the door of lynx 11 over south armagh if she cant cock the gun or carry the Ammo, gun, goggles etc.


Ma_Sonic, I am not talking about the infantry - I am not allowed to be in the infantry, I know that. I'm looking to get promoted within my corps.

Why did I join the infantry? Because when I joined, I knew nothing about the army and I certainly didn't know what 'infantry' was, it just happened to be my local unit.
So I joined (at that time they were allowing women in the infantry), but it has changed now and I rebadged two years ago and am currently attached to the infantry.

If it's promotion you're after............try the AGC (SPS).....you'll fit right in there!
that's where I am currently and this is my argument.
I am qualified and my work is of a high standard within my field. I wouldn't dream of attempting to get promotion within the infantry - I couldn't do it physically. I acknowledge that.

So before you go blatting off about me, check out your facts and if you profess to know me, then you'd know the facts. But you don't, so wind your neck in.
Well if you can't get promoted in the AGC (SPS)............you must be a right oxygen thief!.......perhaps someone is trying to tell you something?.............so why don't you wind your neck in.....Lance Corporal!
Not heard Oxygen thief for a while must remember to use that tomorrow
MS maybe your beliefs are a little old fasioned, I think that their is a place for women in most units you need to accept change or leave its that simple. In some ways i do agree with you like if a women is a good soldier she will stand out but the 20 blokes that are just as good or even better get passed by, this happens because the boss men are trying to hump them. Some let this happen and some dont. Just remember the white straight male is the most discriminated thing on the planet so if you see this have the morale courage to stamp it out ;D
FMM, don't go jumping to conclusions.  This is not an issue about what my beliefs are or how old fashioned they may be, it's all about one immature individual, who thinks that the TA owes her and her attitude in general.  I merely used the former material as an aid to explanation.  And I don't think that I'll be needing any career advice from you, thanks all the same.
Perhaps not love, but I've never had a problem with promotions..............you apparently have?
Ma - Why do you 'ave to be so damn right arrogant? The girls only askin' for a bit of advice, she's obviously had it malingering inside for a while............Peace man, it's not a war between your own people...Whether they be Male OR Female.
Try and understand your own for once.........It may get you somewhere in the future! Not being off with you, just letting you know how much of a thingy you can be! ;)
Blah Blah Blah........and sleep.
Obviously another rupert that cares nothing for the very same people that worked their knackers off to make him look good.
Can someone help this poor girl out?  She's having difficulty in making herself understood.   Leanne, may I suggest a 'thesaurus'?.....accompanied by a 'dictionary'?

I sincerely hope that you 'do not talk as you write', as I would indeed be disappointed....... if you actually do look like you come from a council estate.


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