Wanted- Recently left or just about to Corps members CV

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by hamst3r, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Hello All

    I am a Corps member who has been out in the big wide world for about 2 years now. I am currently seeking to establish the largest database of Ex Int Corps personnel as the civilian world severly under estimates the collective skill set we have to offer civilian employers. I am particularly interested in Analysts, Collators, Researchers, JSP 440 ninjas, PSAV gods and those who walk about with beards and puffa jackets...you know who you are!!! I got a lot from the Corps and would like to return the favour now im on the other side of the fence. Even if you are not about to or have just left if you reccommend someone who gets a job through me then i will happily send you £100 as a reward. With the 2012 Olympics coming up i hope to have a number of specialist roles requiring filling in the near future. Anyway please reply if you are interested to support@cbintelligenceservices.co.uk

    looking forward to getting as many ex slimers a head start in 1 UK Civ Div as possible

    Cheers GC
  2. I used to lecture people about approaches such as this. There was a grainy, monochrome ASVC flick which you could use to hammer the point home, but most of the audience would sleep through it because it dealt with some cretin of a RAF JTech with a fat, voracious wife and a difficult bank manager who was clearly a paedophile.

    I could point you in the right direction, though...?
  3. Well i look forward to hearing from everyone anyway.
  4. I wish you well, you might like to consult with one of our other posters who has spent the last 10 years compiling a similar database, that will doubtless quickly outstripped by yours.

    I trust that like him, you are already registered with the information commissioner and have a nominated data controller to deal with SARs?
  5. Yes, i have the dubious pleasure....
  6. Got a job as a Recruitment Consultant then?
  7. Can't see any vacancies on your vacancies page, Sam.

    Are they secret ?
  8. Well its my own company i have set up as a second string to my bow if you like, i currently work as an intelligence manager and am pretty appalled by the level of analysts, collators and researchers that are coming through the civ div agencies so i figured why not set up a conduit where ex Corps can ply there trade and make some cash while doing it. Check out the website for yourself http://www.cbintelligenceservices.co.uk

    Have had loads of interest at the moment but i am still quite newly formed and the ICAREC only sent my company profile round last friday. Additionally when i got out i found recruitment companies scum bags, immoral and not able to actually place decent people in the right jobs. I only want Int Corps as they are basically head and shoulders above there Civvie counterparts with the best will in the world.

    By limiting it to Int Corps i can make sure i target the right jobs for the right skill set

    Hope i havent ranted or anything


  9. Newly formed but i am getting some rather sensitive, ones through tonight actually.

    Sadly it is quite specific...needs an non white HUMINTer for a detachment in India...know anyone??
  10. So long as you (and our wonderful, good government and CPS :D ) only apply the Indian race laws to that one you should be alright. I tried to recruit Indians once and they were unhappy that I asked for anyone with less than a Masters degree. Priorities, I suppose.
  11. After greetings and felicitations Mr Sam

    Perhaps I can be of assistance? I too have been collecting resumes of serving and former Intelligence Corps personnel for close to 15 years now. I also have a large collection of Rose and Laurel magazines I picked up on e bay.

    More than happy to meet up to discuss, you can usually find me in Cafe Sperl at about 13:23 hrs on the first Tuesday of the month.

    I will be wearing a Middlesex Regt tie and be pouring intently over a flyer for a limited edition chronograph, that I will only be able to afford in my wildest dreams. Bring your ICA membership card and the photo from top of page 56 of the 2008 Corps journal.

    If we fail to meet, I will ring your Swindon number precisely 3 days later with new instructions.
  12. You are quite wrong to suggest that the civilian world underestimates collective skill sets - there are additional factors that commercial organisations (and public) are influenced by when compiling job descriptions, selecting candidates and finally offering a position !

    I could quote literally a hundred instances where former Corps personnel (some with considerable exposure to various sectors in addition to their military experience) have not been selected for a job - losing out to others who either made it through the selection process, were better during a `face to face` interview or simply gave better value for money by either having a more esoteric skill set or being lucky in that the organisation only fills like with like !

    Whilst we are not a `recruiting company` I think you will find it is more than 15 years since our `database` was established - we started well before I left !

    Notwithstanding, the numerous Private Military Companies (PMCs) the likes of specialist security recruiting agencies like SSR, SMR, Churchill etc have been going for many years before !

    PS - Your business model is flawed if you only concentrate on just INT CORPS !

    PPS - £100 ! A new watch from ICA - or a proportion of the cost would be more appropriate - a decent placement remuneration is currently about £500 - £1300 !
    PPPS - Good Luck
    PPPPS - Marketing within threads on ARRSE is probably not frowned upon - especially where it gives opportunities. However, presentation is paramount ! Best get your typing and spelling/grammar skills up to date - `(i)`and knowing when to use `there` or `their` for instance :oops:
    PPPPS- Your website needs an quick overhaul - Know the difference between a `client` and a `candidate`!
  13. Greetings and fleicitations Mr Marsh

    Before our next meeting in April, I was wondering if you might be kind enough to verify the CV of a senior industry figure that came into my hands yesterday?

    This person puports to be a former member of the Intelligence Corps, with extensive analytical and reporting experience. I will pass the document over in the usual form in the next few days...

    Drei, Seben, Null, Fier, Acht........ usw, usw,
  14. Many Thanks Mr DMI - however can you not use the mobile brush on the blind corner this time as my operative failed to open the rear window and had to do a quick 180 to retrieve the package - think he was a transferee !

  15. Also the difference between 'candidates' and 'operatives'.

    Are you also expecting your potential clients to know what JSP 440 is?