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Wanted; rear bumper vauxhall corsa 2006 model

Due to a bump yesterday, (ex RCT, I hang my head in shame), I am looking for a second hand or if new, cheapish rear bumper for a 2006 Vauxhall Corsa.

The price quoted by the Vauxhall main dealer is a joke. (Who thought of putting painted bumpers on cars, what was wrong with the plain black rubberised ones).

The colour I am after is Star Silver but any of the silver colours or in a primed state will do as I will have it resprayed.

The Vauxhall part number is; 93177705 PANEL (This is the bumper in a primed state).

Can anybody recommend a good source of recycled spares or know of a front end write off Corsa in the Milton Keynes area so I can salvage the rear bumber.


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