Wanted: Real views from the front line

At the Sunday Herald newspaper in Scotland we take pride in our coverage of the Iraq war and would like to invite members of the armed forces to view some of the stories on www.sundayherald.com and give us their perspective.

This coming Sunday will be no different, and we'd like to invited forces members who're in southern Iraq or who've been on a tour there to tell us what it is like on the ground, and what they think of Blair's plans for troop withdrawal.

All contributions will be most welcome. You can send them in by either contacting us via the website, by replying to this post or by emailing us direct at website@sundayherald.com
Please see the numerous other threads from journo's looking for a quote.

Response has been poor, don't expect much help, and please don't encourage serving personnel to break QR by talking to the media without approval from the chain of command.




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Is it me, or ar ethere all of a sudden an increase in overt journo fishing trips? I know this have been about a while, but this is what, 3 in 2 days?

At least they are being honest about it now...
Or something that the Army does know about, has told the Fourth Estate, but hasn't shared with us? Plus ca change.
I would like to see a lot more Journo's heading out to the teeth-end and experiencing first hand and then reporting.
They are picking up far to much off this website and then quoting it as exclusive.
I would like to see a lot more Journo's heading out to the teeth-end and experiencing first hand and then reporting.
They are picking up far to much off this website and then quoting it as exclusive.
I must admit, I find the media interest in the prospective drawdown rather surprising. This is the latest of a number of reductions in troop numbers over subsequent TELICS and has been expected for ages - it is not anything particularly monumentous, despite what TB would like it to be. He has puffed it up for his own political ends - moving out of the city and reducing numbers has been on the cards for ages. A non-story - and trying to hype it as a kind of 'beginning of the end' for TELIC is, whilst fun journalistically (or, indeed, politically), not reflecting the real truth.


Moodybitch said:
This surely is taking the pi ss now, thats about 3 already today.

You think they are trying to wear us down with weight of numbers?
Mod's , would it be possible to have "journos seeking.... " fourum that these can be moved too ? These lame requests are getting a tad tiresome , gone are the days of reporters doing some legwork for a story eh, I suppose a touch of RSI from the keyboard is better than leaving the comfort and saftey of ones desk and meeting real folk with the real stories, after all anyone could mail in with a When I was in the desert story having never left the country. Now did I tell you when.........

What worries me is the confidence that these journos have in ARRSE. How many Pte Walter McMittys are PMing them with shite about how they spent 6 months in an OP with one roll of cling film and a two litre orange squash bottle, sending daily updates in morse to Number 10? Journos, how do you vet the contributions of so-called "squaddie on the ground"?

I think it´s great that they´re now being up front and honest about what they want, but this isn´t a fishing trip, this is Japanese industrial whale hunting.
I think the interest in the Iraq drawdown stems from the media's desire to portray TELIC as Britain's Vietnam. If you look at media reports of the US withdrawal from '70 - '73 the questions and hand-wringing crap about failure and defeat are the same ones that our being perpetrated by our media now.

At least in Vietnam the journos actually got out on the ground and were in the thick of it. There are one or two who have done in Iraq and fair play to them, the rest are just a bunch of manipulators who seemed hell bent on destroying anything decent and good about this country.
jack-daniels said:
Is there something about to happen that the army doesn't know about?

Maybe next series of Big Brother is being shot there why else would there be a sudden interest? not like they give a fcuk or even make a donation to charity for the information they get from here. Lazy down righ scum the lot of them :threaten:
You're all entitled to your view, but in light of these comments it seems worthwhile mentioning that our Foreign Editor David Pratt has made frequent visits to Iraq. During the initial attack phase, he was on the front line with the Kurds.

We also have correspondents on the ground filing reports on a weekly basis.

The request for information on this Forum was simply one part of our efforts to gather information from as wide a variety of sources as possible. We apologise if you consider it to have been inappropriate usage of the site.


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well i suppose you got to get info drom somewhere, but this site appears to have had several direct requests made recently. We are not used to journos being honest and direct, we expect more sneakiness....
Sunday_Herald said:
We apologise if you consider it to have been inappropriate usage of the site.

It isn't, though it's usual to email/pm the mod, PTP first.

The difficulty is that some journalists (e.g. Piers Moron and Tom Newton-Dung) write stories about soldiers which appear to rely heavily on stereotyping and sensationalism, and often bear little relation to the facts. There has also been a tendency to quote from this site freely without acknowledgment. As a result, some military personnel have tended to view all journalists as reptiles who will twist their words or invent stories. The effect of this is that journalists making reasonable requests will find themselves automatically disapproved of.

This is sometimes helped along by loud civilian females who have never served, let alone been on ops, who seem to think they have to protect the soldiers from the media.

I still don't understand the attitude of some here who are keen to (rightly) attack journos who invent stories, but then also attack those offering them the chance to have their say.

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