Wanted- RE Officers Mess Dress

I'm looking for Royal Engineers Officers Mess Dress, is it the same as Signals Corp, apartfrom buttons badges etc?

I have a set of Royal Signals mess dress for sale. The only thing you'll have to change will be the badges and buttons. It has a Lieutenants insignia and is a complete set with jacket, waistcoat, shirt, bow tie, trousers, mess wellies, spurs and number 1 hat. It's only about 15 months since it was tailor made and so is in very good condition apart from a minor blemish on one of the sleeves that is not very noticeable/cheaply repaired. It cost £1300 in total just over a year ago and I'm looking to sell it for around £800 but make me a reasonable offer and I'll consider it.

Hi i am looking for a PWRR Sgt's mess dress if anyone has any ideas where to get one would appreciate it, also looking for a set of No 2s same Regt and Dress Hat as well. Thanks.

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