Wanted: PSYOPS leaflets

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Psypher, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. I'm after air-dropped leaflets and hand-outs used in psychological and information operations from any conflict. (Bosnia / AFG / IZD or earlier).

  2. How about asking 15 POG at Chicksands for some? I recall that the Info Ops Gp in BLMF might have sent some copies to 15 POG when I was attached to them in Bos in the late 90's
  3. Thanks for the suggestion treborrek, I must admit I was trying to avoid an official route because of the red tape and don't want to make a nuisance of myself.
  4. PWO - Just remembered! I may have a spare copy of the Superman "Deadly Legacy" comic produced for Bosnia (might be a Bosniac/Croat version). I will try and find it for you! It was a psy ops cock-up, in that it gave the local kids the impression that if they went into minefields Superman would come and get them.
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  5. Excellent treborrek, PM inbound.
  6. PsyWar.org - Check your PMs.
  7. Thanks treborrek :)
  8. What you after bud.. was there, did some got lots on CD, none classified now, mostly Bos bunf though, also have some Most Wanted Yugo books, the guy that is sending you the superman comic, is very generous, they would be worth a fortune, most we destroyed and called back, only the wise kept a couple.
  9. Sounds great P_I. PM inbound.
  10. I sent you some. You need more???

    Actually, I sent mostly middle-east stuf. So fair one.
  11. Yes please Smudge, all most welcome :D
  12. Bi-yearly bump. Still on the look for PSYOP leaflets, any war, any language.

  13. <a little bump>
  14. On ocassion, you can find North Korean propaganda leaflets from the DMZ posted on eBay. When I was hard up for cash, that's where I sold all mine.
  15. A fair point L_J, I do scan eBay often but there hasn't been much recently. Funny enough there have been quite a few Korean War leaflets on there but the prices have gone crazy recently. Too rich for me at least.