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At the outbreak of the 2nd World war my old man joined the Navy; his first posting was to Cromarty, about 10 miles from home, and his patrol boat went out about 5 miles, round a buoy and back to Cromarty. He said, "F*ck this for a game of sailors I want a posting where there's a bit more action". Amazingly it was granted, transfer to Scapa Flow in bloody orkney, After a while there, going out in a patrol boat 5 miles every day, round a buoy and back to base for tea, he says, " F*ck this for a game of sailors, I want to go where there's some action and asked again for another posting, which he got.
Next posting was to Corvettes & Minesweepers escorting North American convoys across the Atlantic, mainly to Russia, Anti-submarine work & picking up survivors of torpedoed ships, before going onto Minesweeping for the North Africa landings. He said, "F*ck this for a game of Sailors, can I go back to Cromarty or Scapa Flow!" Navy says, "F*ck off, you've already had TWO postings, don't you know there's a F*ckin war on!"

Be happy with what you get, make the most of it, the grass is not always greener on the other side and if you can't take a laugh, you shouldn't have joined!

On the Outside job front. If anyone wants Info on the Offshore Oil Industry, just PM me, I've been in the game a long time now and can give genuinely useful advice.
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