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Pretty much all my postings for my last 12 years in (-> 2000). As so often, unfortunately, it's not what you know....

Unfortunately, it's one of those RHIP things. Once I was a SNCO and knew a few people, including some in our posting Branch at MoD, I could apply direct pressure and bribery.

Not much consolation if you're not a SNCO, I know, but it will come. Depending what trade/Corps you are, there's a lot you can do to influence your postings simply be course selection.
I was well happy with the posting I got just now, but now that I'm in the job.. IT'S UTTER ARRSE! Although the grass is always greener..  :(


leeanne look at your title for the topic, bare that in mind, I´ll find out where you work then come and place a first class stamp on your head, and place you in the mail out tray, put a label on you for Outer benbecula, feed once a week please

there posted
That's actually quite funny, trog. ;D

I suppose if you put pressure on PB it might help (more likely to  hinder though).

Like Glad_it said, it can be easier the higher up you go (again a double edged sword, pyramid effect).

Not too bad in the AAC as we have virtually no where to go any more, unless Wattishame is your bag. Choice of about four postings so it narrows it down a bit.

Where do you want to go, leeanne?
Somewhere really hot!!!!
With David Backham!!!
And 1 million quid!!
Preferably in a Ferrari!!
Or a Skoda will do!!

Please make these wishes come true!!! ;D


i have done
trogs typing = Nice and neat and correct
leeanne typing = gnksjdtun g98wtmji3409q653498oirn3986n3 q gznb 5o836unb 98fdkgn( But it probably makes sense to someone that reads swaheeli)
Trog, you forgot the exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's obviously something they teach at free school.
Getting back to the thread subject:

Happy to say that every posting I've had has been great. I loved all the units I've worked with and don't want to leave my current post.

Things here couldn't get any better.

Mind you perhaps a large lottery win would make it slightly better :)

I have to say that some of the postings I dreaded turned out to be tops, including Fally and Tidworth. Sometimes it is what you make of the posting and having a good crowd is certainly most important. Ever found that returning to a unit or place is never as good as first time around?
Yes, I am in a posting I wanted. I'm on Loan Service. Wanna see my wad? Loadsamoney!

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