Wanted - Poncho Blanket


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Dont want to fork out 35 quid for one from silvermans, anyone got one they no longer want/use and want to sell it on for around 20 quid? 8)

Also, a mate of mine in the OTC is looking for any little odds and ends that anyone doesnt use anymore that might make him slightly more comfy in the field... any kit you would like to flog pm me and we'll sort it out!

(btw...would be paying by paypal...)
Doubtanyone will flog you one. You can buy a civi one from Nomad TravelLINK but are still £35.00.

International eBay has some for about £8 from USA. However, doesn't say about the Postage

This fella has one

not got a contact number though :D


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Or a name :D
are you talking about the camo US poncho liner if you are I have a couple you can have if you pay postage we are getting new ones pm me if your interested
i have some sort of poncho blanket...chinease quilted or some sh1t! you can have it for free if you can come and get it

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