Wanted: Piece of ripstop combat jacket material

Dear All,

Not sure if this is the correct forum, but the collar on my combat jacket is wearing through and rather than replace the whole thing (the rest of the jacket is perfectly serviceable), I was wondering whether it is possible to indent for a strip of the material with which to patch the collar?

Failing that, am I within my righs to ask the Q for an old jacket out of his exchange bin and cut myself off a piece?

Are you serious?

Why not start a thread on what kind of stitch you will use to repair it, or the correct measurement for a darning needle.

Why not wait until a range day comes up and rob one from a bloke from another unit :D
Not to change topic, but what is the best way to get wheel spins out of your shreddies after reading really boring, pathetic threads?

This thread rivals the one LNV started on the old Jargon about planning weddings and buying dresses in dullness.
Within my rights? MSR you truly are a child of your times. However, have you ever thought of going along to your clothing store & asking? You may be surprised, but in my experience, asking and not demanding tends to result in more success.

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