Wanted " Photos of oily Chieftains and Oily crew/Reme

Discussion in 'REME' started by T31B, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys, I am an Ex Tankie, who needs to prove (in a court of Law) just how dirty and oily we got when working on Chieftain.
    Please put any photos on the site that you are happy for me to use. Don't need names just lots of oil and dirt.


    Dave ex 3RTR
  2. This isn't for some sort of fetish is it? :?
  3. hard-core dirty tank porn is a very schpeashul niice market, old boy.... :roll:
  4. Hi guys
    No Duff.
    I am trying to take MOD to court for toxic poisoning.
    I have cancer of kidney bladder prostrate and all stations in between.
    Got to prove I got oily as a tank driver.
  5. Someone else's photo's from a website won't be much in the way of evidence alone, surely? I would have thought that you'd need something a bit more substantial.
  6. It all helps to paint a picture of how we worked!
    Just a small part of the case.
  7. Thats Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I agree every little bit of info helps many of us have ilnesses from our service which may be related to something like this,

    myself and 2 VM 'A's have had bowel problems, ulcerative colitis/crohns we were all in the gulf at about the same time, worked on tanks, i have lost my large intestine & no ring piece now either, Ive got A Bag for Life lol

    he may trigger compensation for future claims lets help him I posted some pic for him on 3RTR site done my bit good luck m8, hope you get a Result
  9. Thanks Bovvy for the photo, thats what I need.
    ex-recymech, sorry to hear about your troubles, posting photos on here will do fine as well, thanks.
    It is early days yet, but the solicitor wanted to know if there was other ex soldiers with cancer, I assumed they ment bladder/testicular but on our next meeting I will ask about other types.
    I will post comments here, as well as RAC.
    It will be a very long process, and I have been warned, expensive.
    Thanks for your support.

    Baggies united!!
  10. QRIH Paderborn, anyone still out there? Chieftains were filthy things and noisy, also the "Stollies" (sleeping at the hot box) and Pods. Good days.

    Two "cowboys" well remembered: "Pinky" RSM, Dazzler.
  11. Sorry to hear that mate. Wish you all the best.
  12. Check your PM Tango....
  13. Sorry to hear about your Big C.

    I hope you have made a point about how many bacon or egg butties consumed during chieften repairs?
    It would explain how ALL the oils including the filthy smudge mix from under the engine could be ingested!

    Just remember the poor sods from the nuclear explosion tests in aussie land were told it was harmless. Oh yeh!!!

    50 years later after almost all have died of some serious illness the mod now admit that the radiation was harmfull!!!!!!!


    Good luck boyo.
  14. Hi T31B,
    I pm'd you two email addresses
    My Dad, ex-signals has been involved with people that have been involved with PTSD, Gulf War Syndrome, organo-phosphate poisoning etc and has a large contact list including MPs that claim to be looking into such things.

    A civilian airline pilot that has been disabled by exposure to synthetic oils in some way and is currently taking various organisations to court

    Both of these can provide you with links to resources and contacts that may prove useful.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and if anyone else in a similar situation needs the email addresses from above then just pm me.