Wanted: Personality, Life, Sense of Humour & Some pals

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Baddass, Aug 15, 2003.

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  1. Anybody help Part Time Pongo out here.
  2. I'll be your friend PTP, but will cost you 50 quid a day.
  3. PTP I'll be your pal
    1. You seem like a decent lad.
    2. It'll piss Ma-sonic off! :wink:
  4. I'll be you pal but don't ask me to hold your hand, Flash might!!
  5. Yeah, you'd be well suited. You could both join the Computer Club.
  6. I want to be your friend too Ma, but you keep pushing me away :roll:
  7. Then stop trying to slip me one.........you've more chance with PTP, he likes being hooped.
  8. Hahahahhahahahahahhahaaaa

    Goldfish, thank you kindly, I try to be.
  9. Try to be what? Hooped? Ya big Doreen :lol:
  10. Have you two kissed and made up yet?
  11. He tried to kiss me , but I wasn't having none of it. Then Leeane tried to kiss me.......I told PTP I'd reconsider his offer! :lol:
  12. WOW she must be a real humdinger! she certainly seems to have found her way on to your sh1t list 8)
  13. She's not that good mate.
  14. PTP DS LMAO.....
    PTP link A1....BTU
    Bare knuckles!!!
    can't see to type....