Wanted: Patrol Rucksack

Anyone know where I can get a DPM PLCE 30 litre Patrol Rucksack ("NI Patrol Pack")
NSN 8465-99-869-3875 for a reasonable price?

Dubora's are sellin' 'em fer £75!!! :eek: :mad:

(Would buy second-hand if in good nick ;))
£60 will get you a 40 litre, well made, facsimile which takes the PCLE bergan side pockets thereby saving me having to change kit around as much.

They are made by Special Air-Sea Services, St Georges Works, St George's Quay, Lancaster LA1 5QJ
(01524) 64204.
You need mates in 16 Bde (they have them issued) or those about to deploy to Province.

Oh, and they need to be friendly with their CQMSs.

But Eagle, I don't think they'll carry enough gear for your forthcoming 'Op FAWKES'
Finally got one (secondhand) here:

Option of Grade 1, Super or New

Can't vouch for the other stuff but it arrived promptly and in good (Super) condition!

A13x said:
good job mate
Thank god you thanked him six years after his initial post... This thread would have died otherwise.
didn't see the date on that, just did a search for rucksacks, friend after one too lol
I have no idea what mine is, but it is much larger than that, I think it is a tradesman bergen, I put a CPU, keyboard, a mouse, and speakers in it, and still had space left..lol, I just need to find the side pouches for it, and a Scabbord for my SA80 Bayonet.

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