Wanted: Para Helmet

easy way = get yourself on eBay

hard way = join an Airborne Unit and pass P Coy etc, then get yourself on eBay because there are none in stores, because they are all being sold on e-bay for a mint..........do you see where I'm going here.

If you've done most of the hard bit already then I embrace you as a brother.
I haven't got one 'cos I'm not a para!!! not very helpfull I know.......
I have one, Kevlar with leather Chinstraps that ajust size by unscrewing bolts. Im thinkin of sellin it becouse i would just get one issued anyway if i join up.
Just wear the issue one you Walting bafoon. So what they are lighter and more comfortable etc. Why spend money out on sh1t that they issue you. Dont fix whats not broken! If by some freak of nature there is a desperate reason you need one Im sure if you slipped a scouse PARA some bunce he would box you off!
£103 last time I looked!

More money than sense.
Hmmmm, might sell mine for that amount!!! :lol:
Oh, THAT kind of helmet! I'll tell the Mortar Pl that the weekend outing is cancelled then............
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