Wanted-Para Helmet Medium

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Was_Occurin72, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. Anyone got any places where I can buy a medium para helmet, already checked out ebay, the only ones on there are in clip.

    Cheers for any suggestion or links
  2. Do P-Coy.

    Why would you want a Para helmet if you dont need one? ie if you needed one they'd give you one.

    Just asking.
  3. You dirty hat.
  4. You should re-direct your enquiry to the section about walts, as that is clearly what you are.
  5. The reason you can buy them freely is that the MOD has seen them them as UNFIF FOR PURPOSE, a Para lid is tested by Bde para Sqn for fractures etc every 6 mths, you are buying a lid that is not safe. Op Herrick mounting order also states that ONLY the mk6a can be worn in theatre, Para lids are BANNED. We had a guy on my tour (H4) who had a lid, when the bullets started flying, he was quick to offer an exchange, whicH no one took up the offer. You are not supposed to wear them on ranges/LFTT (as per Pam 21).....Finally....DO THE FU**ING COURSE IF YOU WANT ONE!
  7. As you stated, most did wear 'P' lid. however, halfway through the tour, an order was diseminate down to get rid of the lids. The mk6a has stopped a 7.62, a 'p' helmet is basically a polestyrene shell thats covered...no ballistic qualities.
  9. I've seen a Herrick mounting order that says that only the MK6a is to be worn, I'll try and dig it out of the system.

    However, back on thread, why would a non-para trained soldier (a guardsman I believe) want a para lid? Unless he is a collector of course.
  10. Yes, that is the case. Only MK6A in theatre for us mere mortals. Gentex is worn by SF and a few other callsigns.
  11. We were told about the 'P' helmet order in Sangin Aug 06. However, the Regt guys obviously did not have Mk6 in theatre
  12. Are you saying those who were not entitled to wear Para helmets were told to wear the helmet on issue (and not bought off ebay) or that all Airborne units attached to Para Regt were told not to wear issued Para helmets?
  13. ALL were told not to wear the lid, Regt guys left their's in blighty and couldn't wear. Hense it was the first and last Afghan tour that P lids were worn.
  14. No true. The para lid is kevlar and is the same ballistic protection as the old Mk6. After the steel lids were binned we were issued with plastic para lids, Falkalnds era, but these were superceded. Gather the mk6A has now been cleared for jumping with the proper chin strap applied.