Wanted: One Play Toy

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tattooedlady, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Ok, I've been thinking about this one for a while and I'm a little bored with my sex life so I'm looking for a youngster to play with and corrupt.

    I realise that there will be a large amount of abuse coming my way but hey bring it on :p

    Either reply on thread or PM me I don't mind, but details of yourself would be helpful.
  2. i hope this is in no way connected with your recent interview with the ACF...
  3. Noooooo, not doing that, too many other commitments now.
  4. erm...how do you like your bunnies? Presumably very well boiled?
  5. I'm not THAT old goon, just looking for a play toy, didn't realise that made my a bunny boiler.
  6. I guess you'd have to spill the beans on your age so we can estimate if we're young in comparison.

  7. What are the parameters by which you define 'a youngster'?
  8. The age question TL is important. Some of us might be a tad too old for playing?

  9. I'm 26 shortly and would prefer someone between 20-25 really.
  10. :p
  11. How old exactly are you? Your name makes me think of one of those 45 year old, beefy tattooed ladies, smoking 50 a day with a voice deeper than mine, you'd find drinking pints in Blackpool on 'holiday'.

    Edit, oh, you're 26. Well, I was doing a 29 year old girl for a while, I'm 21.
  12. Not beefy and non smoker
  13. Your mum must be so proud :)

    I would be willing but i'm *too* old at 28.
  14. Way too young for me TL.

    Hope you are successful in your quest :lol:

  15. Now we're talking.