Wanted: Olympus OM Zuiko lenses.


I've recently resurrected the first camera I ever bought - an Olympus OM-1 I bought with money saved from my Saturday job when I was 16 - and thought I might acquire a few lenses to go with it. Anyone looking for a good home for their old Olympus lenses? Reasonable prices paid...
just seen this post , went and dug out the camera bag the om-1 still has film in it but the battery dead , 50mm 1:18 lens if its of any use

Shit! Dumped all my OM-1 equipment 4 years back before I left Istanbul - it was practically worthless - I'd have been lucky if anyone had offered a tenner for it on e-Bay. Probably all at the bottom of the Bosphorus now.
Car boots are good for these type of things, as people rarely know the value. There are some Zuiko lenses that have not been surpassed by todays modern lenses, as with most of the old manual lenses from all the manufacturers, there are some gems hidden away. They also hark back to the time when camera makers actually built their own lenses, not out source them under license to China.

IIRC there was a 40/44mm Zuiko which was a peach.

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