Wanted - Old Steel furniture

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Legs, Aug 18, 2013.

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  1. I'm doing a lot of renovation in my house at the moment, and one of the rooms that's coming up higher on the list is my son's room. Currently it is furnished in a mish-mash of different woods and styles. I want to do it up in a style he will enjoy. Industrial.


    I'm looking for the following:

    A steel wardrobe/locker (Old MoD style)
    A 2 drawer steel filing cabinet
    A 3-4 meter stretch of steel shelves (The adjustable type common in garages and stores)
    A steel cabinet (drawers or doors) about 1-1.5m long
    A steel wall mounted locker about 50x50 - 75x75cm

    Condition isn't too important as long as they are fully functional, as they will be stripped back and lacquered. I am willing to collect from most Scotland areas. Cash negotiable, but cheap is good!

    If any of you Scotland based ARRSErs are able to help I'll be very grateful!
  2. Is this a bedroom or a BDSM Dungeon you are building?

    I can help you with the latter. . .
  3. Bedroom. BDSM isn't my style.
  4. Bump....
  5. I think Stirling have stopped doing surplus sales these days..

    Probably a scrappie is worth visiting providing you have the means of hauling off your findings. New workshop funiture is actually quite cheap. Find your nearest branch of Toolmart and have a look - start with the "junkpile" section at the back..

    If all else fails use Ivar from Ikea like everyone else does..
  6. Try phoning a local hospital or council offices.

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  7. If buying new try COSTCO.

    If after old stuff, as jarrod248 says plus try Police Stations, Prison Works Dept, Fire Stations etc.

    Normally they will let it go for a nominal fee, old Prison Service Staff lockers were being sold for 50 pence at my old establishment and made great shotgun cabinets.
  8. You haven't thought this through.

    With all those sheet steel cabinets, tubular metal etc., can you imagine the deafening racket that will ensue every time he knocks one out?
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  9. And the subsequent spiral in to depression.
  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I thought mums were supposed to do the laura ashley thing to encourage sons to leave?
  11. Nine Inch Nails at 10, will soon have you wishing you'd stuck to Laura Ashley as your furnishing guru.
  12. But at least it'll be easy to hose down afterwards.

    Edit: On a more useful note, are there any barracks closing down/unit moves near you soon? We moved about 200m, across a road, 6 months ago & the amount of stuff like that you have requested that we threw away was incredible.
  13. Sounds hellish. Have you actually asked him if he wants to sleep in a room that looks like the stores dept of a down-at-heel garage?