wanted. Nordic sex goddess.

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Lairdx, May 1, 2005.

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  1. any out there?
  2. Well, my au pair has a sister. Are your intentions honourable?
  3. Try Norway or Sweden.
  4. erm... ......might be.
  5. tried Norway. found the price of a pint prohibitive.
  6. Original Lairdx. All I would expect from an Infantry man. Arrange for cynical_subbie's post to be removed, then place a virtually identical post. Nice! 8O

    Moderator, where has "Wanted - Girlfriend" gone?? :twisted:
  7. I have never once arranged for anybody's posts to be removed.

    feck off. What have you got against the Infantry anyway. Did your mother spend most of her time with her knickers around her ankles, up against walls with Infantrymen?
  8. Think I got a bite there. :lol:

    Nothign against Infantry, just think you are an angry Jock who can give, but can't take.
  9. I am an angry Jock. I can give I can take. I just don't like you.
  10. Somebody's tired.

    Is it rag week?? :wink:

    Think that there will be very few Nordic Sex Goddesses up for anything with an angry Sweaty.
  11. Laidrx

    Click the following link and look at my reply.


    The Wombat
  12. Looked at it. thankyou for taking the time to type it. Now crawl back up your aarse and die.
  13. Will crawl back up my ARRSE. Bored now. Later, in another forum maybe. :wink:

    I will be constructive from now on! Enjoy! 8O