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Now on the verge of being shelf-life expired I need to re-home my rather elegant RLC Mess Dress, and one or two other items. All in virtually 'brand-new' condition and originally sourced from Goldings. Would suit any dashing RLC WO who aspires to be/has been commissioned, or any officer who has designs on replacement kit. Details are:

Officers Mess Dress. Jacket, vest, overalls and shirt.: 40" chest, 34" waist", 31" inside leg (current owner 5' 8"). Complete with various pips/crowns. £250.00

No 1 Dress Hat (junior officer). Made by Herbert Johnstone. Size 57. £50.00

Wellington Boots. Size 8.5. £50.00
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Shame, I would have a bid on them but the trousers are miles to big
RLC trousers size 34".

Didn't realise we had anyone that thin ;)
Mate are you really bumping this after a year! When does your final option of taking it to Deepcut kick in, 2015?

PS that's your Persec gone too!
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