Wanted: National Coach

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by cow741, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Wanted: One national coach to manage team with an army of loyal supporters, and a bunch of not so great players but always try as best they can whenever they pull on the national jersey.

    Can you get these 11boys to tie their own shoe laces? To listen to what you say? To kick the ball?

    Then the job might be for you.

    Apply in person at Hampden Park, Glasgow. Vacancy impending.


    G Smith.
  2. Dear Sir,

    In reference to the above, I feel I should remind you that the first team to beat the winners of the 1966 World Cup were the above aluded to team at some ground in a suburb of North London in 1967.

    Yours, fcuk off and die etc,

    Zac DaBoss
  3. zac - typical jock, nae sense of humour aboot their national team :)
  4. We have less immigrants than London, and their issue..

    What else do yo expect?

    A nation of engineering, scientific etc etc World firsts - Yes.

    Rumour has it we even invented the football. The fillum "The Man Who Would Be King" used artistic license for their Polo game...

    I just wished our lads knew what to do with the baw....

    I blame Sony etc....

    Jumpers for Goalposts anyone? Or kick the can??
  5. We're shoite and we know we are

    :worship: :worship:
  6. yet the sweaty socks have been strangely quiet over the recent haggis revelation... i.e. that haggis was originally from england, not scotland, supported by records predating its supposed discovery in scotland by 200 years :D
  7. I remember an episode of QI not too long back which listed loads of inventions which were wrongly attributed to the sweaties. I felt rather smug watching it.
  8. QI, just like CR=CR is often wrong....

    Ever had the English delicacy "Haggis Supper" at the many takeaways near Finsbury Square??...

    I didn't think so

    The Japanese places WILL do deep fried food, but not Pizza, or Confectionery...

    Effnick?? They coodny spell it!!
  9. time for that cnut smith to go & take his celtic loving mate burley with him
  10. I don't give two hoots if they love Kelltic, Celtic or Plastic.

    Just, ... score loads of goals!!

    You may be Jocks, but your English is better than Beckhams FFS!!!

    Get that f***king ball in the back of the net!!!!
  11. his selections are as bad as when bomb-scare berti was in charge.

    picking blokes that have not played in 7 & 5 years there is a reason that they have not played for that long.
  12. What dya expect ! Scotland second class football from a second class country, nuke the sh*thole :evil:
  13. *yawn* so you're just a bitter jock who can't handle the truth...


    interestingly, jocks seem not to be trying to refute the claim, because they (obviously) can't - evidence is evidence, so until they find an earlier mention in scotland... haggis was originally english. instead, they are taking the tack of "it disnae matter laddy, kes we kidnae afford proper fud sae we made haggis a part of ur heritage, bonny lad. whereas yuz inglish cud afford better fud so yuz stopped eating it. och aye the noo and pass a caber" etc etc ;)

    by the way... QI is one of the most well-researched programmes around. the whole point is that it shakes common beliefs and misconceptions.

    but maybe you didn't get that :roll:

    feel free to stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and scream "it isnae true! it kinna be!!! it isnae!!"
  14. In the long list of things that are famous, exactly what have the English been accredited with inventing,

    English as in anglo-saxon or Norman or Roman or numerous other nationalities that have conquered England over the centuries.

  15. anyway can we get back to the fitba?

    The squad has barely changed in recent years, yet we are back to a series of head scratchnig results. Burley has also managed to alienate a number of players like Boyd (who cares if hes guff at most thigns, he does the most important thing, score goals, and lots of them), Weir (he can still play at his grand old age!), Ferguson (ok he brought a bit of it upon himself but still he gaev it his all in a scotland jersey). He needs to get some of the other players from the SPL into it too. Bit more of the likes of Scott Roberton, Derek Riordan, Chris Hogg, Kevin Thompson(if fit),Callum Elliot,Lee Wallace, Lee Wilkie etc.

    Some of those guys should not have been playing with a lack of match fitness. When was the last time Stephen Caldwell played for Scotland btw? Also, what on earth was he thinking with Marshall? I swear his whole career is based upon that double header 'tic vs barca a few years back.

    I almost had a theory last night. Over the past ten years or so we;ve had Vogts, Smith, McLeish in charge and now Burley. Smith and Mcleish did wonders with that team and Burley has c0cked it right up. Its like jumping back to the Vogts days. ANyway, all the ex managers that did anythign good seem to be ex Rangers managers and i was wondering if that was the key. Another ex-gers manager recently left his club, Dick Advocaat left Zenit recently and i thought maybe he was right for the job.But then i realised he's gonna manage Belgium instead. Anyway, anyone else think Ferguson would be good once he retires from Man U? A second spell in charge? Would get my vote.

    Burley needs to go now. As seen recently in Ibrox, WE DESERVE BETTER.

    Rant over.

    *and breathe*