Wanted: Napoleonic Uniform

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Major_Sharpe, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Amate of mine has stupidly decided to have a Napoleonic themed birthday bash and wants all the blokes in suitable attire.

    Does anyone know of any Napoleonic uniform dealers, have one for sale or has one that could be lent to me for a weekend?


  2. depending on your size and locale could probably loan you one, otherwise most are made to measure, a few fancy dress shops stock napoleonic esque uniforms.
  3. Gate a mate to go with you and hire a white horse and go as 'Copenhagen' !
  4. And old greatcoat, some old boots/shoes with lots of holes, a scarf, and a waterbottle on a piece of string and hey presto retreat from Moscow or a Marie Louise 1813.
  5. Angels The Costumiers
    Contact Jonathan Lipman Production Director
    Address 1 Garrick Road
    London UK
    NW9 6AA
    Telephone 020 8202 2244
    Fax 020 8202 1820
    Website www.angels.uk.com
    Email angels@angels.uk.com
  6. Not a WAH, but i really do think they are pretty smart, would be 10 times better than current no2's. Would look fcuking great with jeans and boots
  7. theres a firm called Sutlers Stores,but be warned its not cheap

    Or if you fancy a day out in early May,go along to the History Fair at Rockingham Castle,theres lots of re-enactors there(history walts?) who could probably help
    If you do go along to that,I`ll be working in the real ale tent. Im not a re-enactor,I just really like free beer,and busty wenches
  8. £38




    I've got the one from acefancydress. It's pretty decent quality for what you're paying to be honest.

    Funnily enough, the mess pres (pongo Sergeant Major!) wasn't amused at my choice of outfit at Pickle Night in a tri-service unit so he fined me a bottle of port for wearing it.

    Mind you, he fined me the previous year for insulting the RAF so at least he was consistent with me....
  9. I'm based in Portsmouth currently, cheers for the advice.
  10. Caubeen will have one or speak to diffduke he's still wearing his though
  11. Check your PM's...