Wanted Mountain Bike BFPO 40 area

Posted to Rhein'd' in a few weeks will be commuting to work looking for some transport can anyone in that area help me out.
Yeah I know they have shops in Germany. I was thinking more on the lines of someone who was posted and needed to flog one, serving both our purposes.
depends what you are after. i have one that i am willing to sell you, black mountain bike 21 gears shimano brakes/gears lightweight if you want it PM me and we can sort something out.
Try Bike Centre Pfennings. Go out of JHQ through A Gate, turn left at the lights onto HardterStr and then right at the lights through Hardt. Keep going through Hardt and out the other side, you'll reach a dual carriageway. Keep going to the next set of lights, and on your right you'll see a 24hr gym called McFit. Turn right there, and after about 300m turn left over a little bridge. Its there on your right.

Sounds like a f*ck around when you consider there's a PX on camp, but the bikes in the PX are shit and only last a couple of weeks. I got mine and my wife's bikes from Pfennings about three years ago, never had a drama. good quality stuff.

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