Wanted Mountain Bike BFPO 40 area

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by gww473, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Posted to Rhein'd' in a few weeks will be commuting to work looking for some transport can anyone in that area help me out.
  2. Try the local town. FFS, they do have bikes in box-head land!
  3. Go to the PX at JHQ they sell cheap bikes!
  4. Yeah I know they have shops in Germany. I was thinking more on the lines of someone who was posted and needed to flog one, serving both our purposes.
  5. depends what you are after. i have one that i am willing to sell you, black mountain bike 21 gears shimano brakes/gears lightweight if you want it PM me and we can sort something out.
  6. Try Bike Centre Pfennings. Go out of JHQ through A Gate, turn left at the lights onto HardterStr and then right at the lights through Hardt. Keep going through Hardt and out the other side, you'll reach a dual carriageway. Keep going to the next set of lights, and on your right you'll see a 24hr gym called McFit. Turn right there, and after about 300m turn left over a little bridge. Its there on your right.

    Sounds like a f*ck around when you consider there's a PX on camp, but the bikes in the PX are shit and only last a couple of weeks. I got mine and my wife's bikes from Pfennings about three years ago, never had a drama. good quality stuff.