WANTED - Mortar round cases or similar.

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by RH758, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. Looking for the black plastic cases each 81mm mortar round comes in, four of each per ammo box if I remember correctly.

    Or something similar. Round, 12" long, 4" diameter or bigger if possible. Looking for one or possibly two of them.

    I need a tough, water tight tube container, for storing tools etc on an off road motorcycle. Going to be doing some adventure touring and will need a larger than normal tool kit with me on the bike.

    If anyone has something that might fit the bill, get in touch.

  2. Many Army Surplus stores will have them in.

    The 81mm carriers are green and are paired. They are, surprisingly, only 3in(81mm) internal diameter, so you might have to curtail your tools suitably.

    They would strap well onto the side of a bike in lieu of panniers. They are not 100% waterproof but are pretty near as damin it. When you do get some check there is a large rubber O ring in the lid to effect a waterproofing seal (as keep your ring greased).

    Also the lids have plastic teeth around the circumference. There is a locking piece of plastic between the lids that prevents them from coming undone. Check this plastic is present to lock the lids. It is often discarded by ham fisted mortar men.

    Give them a good was out before you use them. Augmenting carts often split leaving their contents in the bottom of tubes.

    Now that's the end of my sadness on ammunition packaging for now.
  3. No one would have any as they all made declarations when leaving the range!!!
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  4. When did you last make a declaration stating you had no empty packages?
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  5. Solvent weld plastic soil pipe and fittings? E-bay?
    The last saddo looking for those wanted to make an ally-looking mug. I don't think he got one.
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  6. ...but make sure that there's an FFE chit inside. Otherwise the empty space inside won't be officially empty.
  7. I can provide FFE certs.

    At commission rates of course.
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  8. Buy a Peli-Case you tight sod! ;-) Got some lads playing with their tubes in the next couple of months; I'll see if any large tea mugs become orphans and give you a shout if they do.
  9. I've got one you can have! whats the going rate?
  10. A donation to hols4heroes. :)
  11. So which part of "I have no live rounds or empty cases in my posession sir" covers empty ammunition packages?
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  12. FFE certificates, now there is a blast from the past.

    Going rate, not entirely sure what to offer. You looking for personal gain beer tokens or a donation to H4H?