Wanted - Military Junta

As the election approaches and the politicians lay out their policies and lie and cheat in their traditional manner, a thought occurred to me. Why not, instead of complaining endlessly about Bliar and other such disgusting individuals, agitate (and act) to establish a military junta. The collective users of arrse could ensure support and we would all be truly happy.

Step forward the Prince of Darkness...
semper said:
Cynical-Subbie said:
Step forward the Prince of Darkness...
yes ? :D
He said prince not princess semper, so go put ya frock away!!
I've worked for him and frankly there isn't a lot in it...the main difference between MJ and TB is the alcohol consumption levels and attendance at P Coy!

If you were going to have a British military junta, who out of all of the great British commanders would you want on the board? I'd have Slim for efficiency and determination, Haig for ruthlessness and Wavell to add a little bit of poetry...my first CP Ack would be there to make sure it all ran like clockwork. Obviously he would be given local rank of Field Marshal to reflect his new responsibilities as Deputy Prime Minister but would remain a substantive bombardier.
Bdr as Deputy PM, no bad idea - give him a metal ruler to hit MJ on the knuckles with if he trys to touch anything.
"The best argument against democracy is five minutes spent with the average voter."- Winston S. Churchill
yes yes bring back cromwell
if just for the look on gerrys face when the new peace process is unveiled :twisted:

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