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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Tango34, Feb 9, 2003.

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  1. As ex Infantry, now working in Equipment Supplies - like a QM's but the doors our always open, the best stores are empty ones.......

    If anyone has ne Military Equipment for sale, e.g.:-
    Soldier 95 Uniform, Webbing, Bergans, Day Sacks (New Type DPM) or other British Military Releated stuff, let me know, I won't always say yes, but I will always reply to a good trade / sale.

    Can pay via either cheque, or Pay Pal, but would rather use PayPal.


    Tango34 (Old NI C/S)
  2. I'll interpret.

    Wanted, squaddies who are daft enough to steal gear from the QM's and then sell it to me at a silly price in the hope that they don't get caught, so that I can sell it back to you at 100% profit. Hopefully, you can hide behind paypal.
  3. I am particularly interested in anything you may have for sale, especially if it has the Government arrow stamped on it

    I am also an avid collector of serial numbers, please email me with any info you may have which could be helpful in my investigations
  4. Just so you all understand, all of our items are either purchased from fieldtextiles a company that has MOD approvial, or via EBay / Surplus shops. Yes we do re-sell equipment, but not at 100% profit.

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  5. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    I'm posted soon.  When I have rationalised my 1157 and handed back all my surplus stuff, I'll see what's left and give you the nod.